thread: what is "maybe baby"

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    cplath Guest

    what is "maybe baby"

    Hello ladies,just wondering what this is and how it works?

    Has anyone had expereienced it,and does it work,also do you just buy it at the chemist.

    Many thanks


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    cplath Guest

    So would you say it is more reliable than a opk,i tried the fortel one and never once got a positive result after following it to the letter!

    And Colleen,you explained it just fine,but thanks for the research you found much appreciated.

    Now another question,is it something you can order on the net,or do you need to go and buy it.


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    You can find buy them from online pharmacies, I know a couple of ppl that have tried it and they have preferred just the normal opks's, as the ferning of the saliva can be hard to read.

    What CD are you starting to use OPK's on ?

    Love :smt049

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I use a microscope called "Lady Free" and I would say it is pretty much the same thing as the Maybe Baby.
    I have found it to be pretty accurate. I got mine on ebay and only paid $10 for it so maybe it is worth a look on there? Save a few $$ anyway.
    I find that I have to wait at least an hour before the saliva dries enough to decipher ferning or not but I much prefer it to OPKs (no further cost involved etc.).
    If you can afford the initial expense, go for it


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    *snap* Colleen (about ebay)
    Great minds think alike hey??

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    We're actually looking into stocking them when we launch our new BellyBelly shop, what do you guys think of them, e.g. are they too expensive or would you buy one?
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    Hiya Kelly

    If I was going to TTC again (still deciding ), no I wouldn't buy one.

    Love :smt049