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Thread: What should i do?

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    Default What should i do?

    AF was due yesterday (crazy 40 cycles) tested on Sunday - BFN, tested this morning BFN but still no sign of AF. Have been horribly emotional this morning and I'm not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign. Just dreading feeling the first twinge of cramps at some stage over the next day or so. I can already feel how disappointed I am going to be.

    So my question it at all likely that even though my AF is one day late that a pregnancy test wouldn't pick it up just yet? Should I test again tomorrow if AF still hasn't arrived?

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    Hey Cara

    It is probably best to wait 2 days inbetween testing, as it takes time for the HCG levels to rise and to show up on a HPT.

    Also what HPT are you using?

    Are you on a TTC buddies chatroom, I use the TTC 1-6months

    Have you been charting? or testing CM, there might be other signs there - as well as the position of your cervix - would generally be low and firm if AF is about to come, and high and soft if PG.

    Goodluck and sending you :bluebabydust: good luck hun

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