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Thread: When can i test???

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    Bambi Guest

    Default When can i test???

    Hey girls...
    My AF is due the end of next week and i have funny feelings going on still for a few days now.
    I sooooo want to test and see if it has worked, do i wait or what?
    How long do you have to wait for the hsg levels are right?
    When can a test pick up that you are pg....
    Help me, I want to test.

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    Hi Bambi,

    I would wait till AF is due to test.

    Good luck.

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Michelle, this TTW is killing me.
    I sooo want to test.

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    I know the TWW is a killer.
    I'm no good at waiting as well.

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    I'd wait because for some people their hcg doesnt register on a test until after AF is due and it also depends on the test you use. So best to wait so you dont get false disappointment.

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    Ditto to the above!!

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    Bambi Guest


    True, true.
    When does a HPT pick up the hcg levels???
    And what tests are better to use? So i can buy some in the shopping this week, ready for next week.
    Cheap, but not the cheapest.

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    I always buy Fortel Ultra but this time i brought some from the internet which are cheaper and do the same job.

    Most tests will pick up HCG levels of 25. Best thing is to read the back just to make sure.

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    Bambi Guest


    I've heard bad things about Fortel Ultra.
    So i want to try something else.
    I will just look when i go to the shops i guess.
    Thanks, I have calmed down a little and i will test when AF is due.

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    As the other girls have said, I would wait.

    As for HPTs maybe try Crystal Clear or Pregnosis, I think they detect levels as low as 25 IU/L.

    Good luck, I hope you get a BFP staring back at you when you do end up testing.

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    Bambi Guest


    I will look for those when i go shopping later.

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    dannik Guest

    Default Test or not to Test?

    Hi Bambi, if you are afraid to be disappointed maybe wait but I tested a 10 days before AF was due and got a negative and then test 4 days before AF and gots a positive I am now 6 weeks along. I think Pregnosis was what I used and I think it will pick up readings from 10 days of conception.

    Good luck, its extremely nerve racking. Its worse once you know and waiting to get past first few months without any problems! 8-[

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Dannick, I have had twinges in my tummy for about 5 days now, (well obviously lower then my tummy) And i never get AF pains and that isn;t due till the end of next week. I only get them like hours beforehand, if not the day before. And this has been happening for 5 days.
    I am holding off testing at the moment, but not sure how long i can last.
    Thanks, I will look on the shelves at the shop.

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    dannik Guest

    Default when to test

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you! good luck!!

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    WAIT! at least until Af is late.. save your money you dont wont to be upset if it is negative from testing too early.. I hope that the tummy niggles you are feeling are your precious baby implanting and getting used to his/her for the next 9 months ! [-o<

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Dannick,
    Thanks Little Princess, I haven't been shopping yet, As yesterday my son fell over and had to get Stitches, so the shopping got put off, Just got the basic supplies, Not sure when i will do the shopping , but when i do i will look carefully, and my hubby is here to stop me, I will try by best to be patient.
    Thanks everyone.

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    Bambi Guest


    Hello everyone.
    I just got back from the shopping and i bought Fortel Extra. They had basically nothing there, only two brands.
    So i got this one and it says it can have results as early as 3 to 4 days before your period is due. So i think i will wait to Monday, If the Twinges are still there, I am going to Test.
    Wish me Luck everyone.
    Oh i hope i hope

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    hey Bambi - best of luck to you. Let us know how you go! I am also 10 DPO but I'm not testing until late in the week as I'm sure my AF is going to arrive before them (I have cramps). for you though.

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