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Thread: when counting days past "0"?

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    Default when counting days past "0"?

    hope this makes sense....

    when counting your DPO, if you are using OPK's, do you count from the day you see your positive on your OPK or the day after? I know the instruction says the positive OPK means that you should ovulate within 24 hours or something?

    thanks in advance for your replies..!!

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    I would think you would count ovulation as the next day. It's easier when you chart as well, cos that will give you an O day to work from.

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    I think everyone is different. Are you temping?? Using both of these in conjunction will give you a much better picture, although its kind of all in hindsight. I used OPKs this month for the first time and got a BFP, but its still hard to determine if i Od on the 17(when i got the last positive) 18 or where FF put me at the 19. Not that it matters once you get pregnant. Are you charting with FF?

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    i would assume the next day - although last month i only used OPK's and i had pains in my ovaries for 2 days before i got any prominent line (which still wasnt as dark as it should have been... this month i am temping!! good luck

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