thread: When should I start to POAS for OPK's?

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    Aug 2004
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    When should I start to POAS for OPK's?

    Maybe not POAS but you know what I mean??

    My question is to do with the fact that this month my cycle was 33 days and so I am wondering at what stage once AF has left the building, should I start to do the tests? I think its usually day 10 - for 5 days insn't it? Should it still be after day 10, even with my cycle being so long at the moment?
    Maybe I could just test every day from day 10 untill I notice a positive? I'm a touch confused sorry girls.

    Thanks in anticipation of your input.

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    layla Guest

    Hiya Cinderella,
    How are things. I read about your divine massage on the beach and I'm dying of jealousy!
    Now, about OPK's. I think they are fantastic!
    I had really long cycles and I started using Fortel OPK's on day 10 of my cycle even though I knew I wouldn't "O" for a while. I just wanted to be 100% sure I didn't miss the egg!
    I continued using them once a day (same time every day) until I got a positive. I think it was around day 21 for me. It cost me more than it normally would as I went through a few boxes of them but it was worth it as I got my BFP that month.
    It must have been accurate too as my scan dates fit perfectly with me "O"ing 24 hours after my +OPK!
    Good luck and I'm [-o< you get your BFP this cycle!

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    Nikki Guest

    Hi Cindy,

    My cycles aren't as long as yours but I usually start testing with OPKs from CD10 & keep testing until I get a positive (which this month wasn't until CD15).

    If you can afford it, start testing early. You don't want to miss the egg.

    [-o< it all goes to plan for you this month & you end your cycle with a BFP.

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    Apr 2004

    Hey Cindy,

    Like you, I have long cycles. They can range from 33-37 days. So technically, I didn't need to start testing with the OPK's until at least CD17. (I've just looked it up and that's the day they recommend you start testing if you have a 33 day cycle). BUT, like the other girls, I didn't want to risk missing my surge, so I too started testing at CD10 and continued testing until I got a positive. Which this cycle, turned out to be on CD19. Like Layla, I use Fortel OPK's which ends up being quite expensive, but I wanted to be sure I caught the surge.

    Best of luck to you!! I hope to see a BFP for you really soon O.

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    Aug 2004
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    Thank you all so much for your help with this. I'm looking at getting a heap of OPKs from ebay, they work out at under $2 a test so I figure that isn't to bad at all if I'm testing for a few weeks for that surge. I'm not sure what brand they are though, wonder if that would make a difference what brand you use as to the strangth of the testing.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years eve and don't have to many sore heads to deal with, I don't have one but DP definately does which means I have to deal with his anyway.

    Thanks again bewdifuul girls!!! :smt039