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Thread: When to start using opk's

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    I was wondering if it really necessary to start using the opk's as soon as af ends. It seems a bit soon to me but of course i would do it if i really needed to.
    What does everyone else do?
    The brand i have is called ovunow.


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    elly, do you know when you O?
    It would be a waste if you start using OPK's so soon after AF if you don't O untill CD14 as you would have so many -ve ones. If you get any EWCM then use one but maybe wait untill CD12. I've had cycles where I didn't O till CD18 and wasted a whole packet of OPK's. They are very expensive, especially if you are using them every cycle.
    I've used Fortel and it has a guide that gives a good time to start depending on your length of cycle.

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    Hi elly,

    I am also using ovunow, and i started using them on day 11 of my cycle which is supposed to be 5 days before i O. Its now day 16 am still only getting a faint line so i probably have not O yet as the line has to be the intensity as the control line or darker to know that you are about 24 hours away from O.
    I used Ovunow last month and they were spot on, so i must be going to o a bit later this month.

    But you really need to have some idea as to when you O, for example if you count back 14 days from the beginning of your last cycle that should give you some indication of when you might O, if you have a 28 day cycle start to test about day 11 or 12.

    Hope this has a helped you a bit, goodluck!


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