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Thread: When To Test with HPT's....

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    Default When To Test with HPT's....

    I found this useful information on FF...I tested today and was negative, I am 10DPO. According to the average, you can be negative on 10DPO and positive on it's eased my mind and I will test in a few days...

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    very interesting bindy, i am the same as you, i have had a m/c in dec and have been trying lots with DH this month, i am so hanging out for a BFP this month, i am on cycle day 27 and had a preg test done at the doc's yesterday and was negative but am going to do another test in 3 days and see how i go, i am getting all the symptoms, running to the loo every 10 mins, fatigue, headaches, feeling sick in tummy etc... good luck sweety, hope we both get BFP this month

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    I hope you both get BFP's!!

    I always tested when AF hadnt arrived.... never earlier cos both times i didnt think id be pg!!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Sure did Kimbaz...but a very very faint line!

    Will test in the next few days also.


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    Glad to see you got your BFP

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