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Thread: Why am i only getting positives with pregnosis??

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    amber1403 Guest

    Question Why am i only getting positives with pregnosis??

    Hi everyone

    I am 4 days late for AF and i did a Pregnosis test the day before AF and it came up with a faint positive but very clear in the time frame.
    I then tested the next morning with the other prenosis test and also got a faint line.

    The next day i bought 2 packs (4 Tests) of First response and they all came back Neg.

    Today i bought a pack of pregnosis and crystal clear and the pregnosis came back again with a faint line and the crystal clear was a big fat Neg.

    I went for bloods today so will know for sure 2 morrow but im so impatiant.

    Why am i only getting positives with pregnosis, AF is late so i thought if i am preggers that crystal clear would of picked it up.

    Please some one give me some advice im going broke with HPT!!

    Thankyou Amber

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    Hi Amber

    You are me of about 10 days ago! Its not uncommon to get a BFP on one brand of HPT and a BFN on others at such an early stage as their reliability and sensivity varies greatly.

    Maybe try discover one step i think its called. i found this brand and the lullaby conceptions internet tests to be the most reliable before AF was due. you could also try fortel ultra but that is notorious for false positives so dont rely too much on that one unless the 2nd line is coloured and quite visible.

    Anyway, best of luck with your blood tests. Sounds very promising for you given you are getting BFps within the timeframe. I know exactly how you feel - its so stressful not knowing, especially when you have got a faint positive. Hopefully the blood test will be a BFP for you.

    I think I spent hundreds of dollars on HPTs in the week before my blood test results confirmed I am pregnant. Its so agonising waiting to find out.

    Well anyway, I am waffling but I just want to say, know how you feel, been there not so long ago myself, maybe try discover (not the digital version though as not very sensitive) or fortel ultra and im sure your blood test will come back positive.

    Good luck


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    Amber, do you know when you O'd? Although you are late for af, you may not have O'd when you think and as a result you are getting different results on the hpt's. Great that you have had bt done as thats the most reliable way to know for sure. Generally with hpt's - its hard to get a false positive. With this pg, I tested before af was due and got +ve's with the Lullaby ones and with the Crystal Clear (but that was only faint).

    Test again tomorrow with FMU (if you have any hpt's left!) and see what happens then.

    Wishing you all the best for a healthy BFP!

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    amber1403 Guest


    Thankyou for your replys. Im not exactly certain i know when i ovulated but i know i get my period every 29 days. If i ovulated late would that mean my period will be late or would it just mean HCG would take longer to show up????

    Thanks again

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    Amber, good luck! I had a postive with pregnosis and the Lullaby conceptions strip tests when other tests did not work, so I hope this is a good sign for you!

    If you ovulated later in the cycle, then your period due date would be later (approx 2 weeks after O, depending on your luteal phase length) and it would also mean that HcG would show up later too!

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    fingers grossed

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    amber1403 Guest


    Thanks everyone for your replys

    well tested again with pregnosis and crystal clear and both BFN and have been having bad pains all day and there was a little smigin of blood on toilet paper but nothing else (sorry TMI. ) So its not looking good for me but thats ok cause im expecting it at least it wont catch me by suprise.

    Just waiting on doc to call with blood results

    Thanks again Amber

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    Amber sorry to hear about your spotting.

    I used pregnosis for the first time (the one you PIAC), and I got my first-ever false positive. It was very very faint.... subsequent tests with other brands were negative.... I hope yours is the real deal though. for you.

    If you do end up with AF maybe you could try tracking your cycle for a month by temping to see how long your luteal phase usually is.

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