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Thread: YAY +ve OPK!

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    Default YAY +ve OPK!


    After a week of testing I FINALLY got my first +ve OPK - the second line is thicker and as dark as the control!!

    Alright, now this is my first time using the OPK's and just wanna get advice from you lovely ladies!

    How far away does an OPK pick up a surge - is it 24-48 hrs away?

    The thing is, I thought that I was going to O a lot earlier, CD 14 actually so we aimed BDing all around that time.. And unfortunately my DP has come down with the flu now and I really want him to rest up and get better but we both want me to get pg! So am I able to let him rest up a night and go again? I really would like to save all his swimmers for around O as last cycle we did it every day and get a BFN so I was trying to do a different approach this time.

    Any opinions would be great!

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    Ngala-- OPK's usually indicate that you will O in the next 12-36 hours. Looking at your chart it looks like it may've been CD16 for you (I'm no expert mind you!!). Sorry you didn't get a reply sooner-- I only just saw it. GL for this cycle but if bfn at least you'll have it down for next cycle. I've only been charting for a few months myself and have learnt heaps from the process.

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    Lots of Bding happened, hope you have caught the eggie!

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