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Thread: yet another opk question

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    Default yet another opk question

    first month using the fortel opk's and i started on friday, so far friday, saturday and sunday i have got 2 lines although the 2nd line is feint and not as dark as the control line. cm is starting to get ew today - what do you reckon is ovulation looming lol.

    i really thought today it would be a dark line but alas no.

    does anyone actually get a true dark line (as dark as they say it should be?) i have read so many conflicting stories on the opk's


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    Hey Michelle,

    I have been using them for about 6 months now. I have never received two dark lines.

    Howver I do know that I am ovulating.

    Firstly your best bet would be as soon as you start seeing two lines, you should start testing 3 times a day.

    Some people only show two dark lines for a few hours so atleast if you test three times a day you should catch it.

    if not, (i always test three times a day and have never had 2 dark lines) you may be like me where it is not strong enough to detect however you still ovulate.

    Hang in there girl!

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    Mooshie I used then 2 cycles ago and at 11am on the wednesday I got 2 lines, one feint. So I tested again Wednesday night 8pm and got 2 very dark lines. DH was leaving for 2 weeks to go back to the mine to work so we BD'd about 1pm on the Thursday and didnt catch the eggie. So this month he comes home on 26th CD14 (O day) at 8.30pm so hopefully I dont O between 1pm and 8.30pm. But I will use OPK's this cycle again.

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    Hi Mooshie,
    I have learnt that many many women just don't get a true positive but still ovulate (Me!).
    I used Fortel and never got anything close to a positive but serum progesterone tests 7 days after these second lines showed I had ovulated.
    I changed to Lullaby opk's and I conceived both cycles of using the opk and ensuring I bd when I got a second line. Lullaby's second line is darker and most women find a second line heralds ovulation. You will find you will get to know your body and will get a feel for what the test results mean for you. As a rule of thumb thouogh bd when you see a second line and the day after as well.
    Remember that the opk is picking up the surge. This surge is the hormone surge that triggers your ovaries to release the egg. So, you ovulate after the surge, 12-36 hours after.
    Try to hold your urine for at least 2 hours and don't drink for the couple of hours prior to testing.
    I wish you all the luck in the world at catching a healthy egg!
    love Deb

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    Hi Mooshie,

    I have never gotten a"real" positive result on an OPK but still managed to get pregnant. I guess some women don't show that surge on an opk but still manage to ovulate or you could be just missing it by an hour or two either way. I did as FF experts once and she said to me if it kept on showing a slightly lighter line then class it as a positive anyway!! I hope you manage to catch the egg asap and get a BFP in a couple of weeks.

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    I too had been only getting a feint second line until this month when I started testing at night. Apparently the lutenising hormone doesn't synthesise in your body until the middle of the day or later. I followed the advice of someone else on the forum to test at night & it worked! Dark as dark can be, two nights in row.
    Hope you get a +ve OPK soon......if not, just BD for more days than you think you need to. That way you won't be kicking yourself if you happen to O late... like me!!!

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    thanks for the replies everyone

    as i mentioned the first 3 tests i did were on days 11,12 & 13 and all came up with 2 lines (2nd being faint) i tested on day 14 around 1pm and two lines as dark as can be i was soooooo excited i tested again that evening around 7pm and yep still two dark lines - twas my last test and dh was being a ***** that night - but we made up for it the next night lol - just kicking myself that i wasted the last test - i just hope i don't need them again -

    arhhh the 2ww begins

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