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Thread: Winter Solstice.

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    Default Winter Solstice.

    Hi Everyone,

    Although I'm not a Pagan as such, (I'm not any one religion, etc) - my brother & I were raised to be 'whatever' we decided.

    Some people think of me as a bit of a hypocrite, as I like to take different things from different religions/spirituality and apply them as I see fit in my life

    My dad raised us to be this way, and it has been perfect for me - and what I have raised my son to be so far (He can choose whatever he likes as he gets older and learns enough about all religions/spirituality to decide whats best for himself)

    Anyway, I do follow the tradition each year of celebrating Winter Solstice on June 21 with my cousin & her family (who are Pagan) - every year she holds a ceremony where there is much food, solstice wine (that she spends a few days making ) - and the ceremony with the 4 elements.

    We always do the Solstice 'list'... just wondering if there are any of you guys out there who do so as well?

    I have been doing the list for as long as I can remember.. and have learnt over the years to be very careful and specific in what I write down

    So far, the only thing that hasn't seemed to eventuate is another baby for me... but I can feel it getting closer.

    Just was interested to post & see who else does the list over this weekend - and if so, do you dare to share whats on both your 'lists' for this year

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    What's a 'Solstice list'? Is that like a new year's resolution thing?

    I've not heard of it before...

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    WE had much Warlocks Brew (mulled wine & spices & more alcohol = very messy).

    What we do each year, is write your name on a piece of wood, put the wood in a pile, each person takes out a piece of wood, finds the person who's name is on the wood, then burns the wood in the bonfire, promising to keep that person in your thoughts for the coming year.

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    I haven't done a solstice list. I dont know many pagans in my area.

    I have just had a light bulb moment. Im doing my first TTC with donor sperm on the winter solstice. I wonder what consequences this will have now. The longest night of the year but also celebration of the coming birth of the god and light. maybe its a good thing.


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