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Thread: I just want to let off some steam.

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    Default I just want to let off some steam.

    I just want to let off some steam.
    Madison is driving me nuts at the moment, I know its just an age : the terriable two's" but lately she has began to yell at me If I ask her to do something, Scream alot when Charlotte is asleep, so it wakes her up, also she takes everything Off Charlotte that she is playing with.
    Everyone tell's me what a great child she is, and most of the time she is. She is just fustrating me.
    I love tuesdays when Madison is in Childcare, It just gives me and Charlotte time, also Charlotte seems to sleep alot when she is not here.

    Thanks if you read this, I feel abit better now.

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    Sounds like the 'terrible' two's and a bit of jealousy. My gf experiences the same with her DS and DD. DS takes toys off DD, pushes her over, sits on her etc.... all of which I am sure is a bit of jealousy and he wants attention. He gets the attention, but usually he gets sent to his room for time out. He seems to know what he is doing IYKWIM but he won't stop until gf & dh growl at him.
    I don't have any advice on how to stop your DD, maybe more 1:1 time when bubs is asleep????
    Good luck, hopefully it won't last much longer

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    I remember the terrible twos with my step daughter.... what fun!!!! The threes were fine but now we've hit the feral fours..... much worse.

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