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Thread: Welcome to Parenting De-Briefing

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    Default Welcome to Parenting De-Briefing

    In the same fashion as birth de-briefing, this forum has been set-up with the same thing in mind - sharing your story with all the ups and downs on how you feel about parenting and the way you parent. Often when I am struggling with parenting or self-esteem issues (in relation to being a mother!), I will chat to my close friends and find out that they have been through the exact same thing, no matter how bad I think it might be and assume that I could be the only one feeling like a bad mummy in that situation! But it's amazing how alike we are as mothers.

    Your Moderators of this forum are:

    Cassius2 - Moderator

    Your Administrator of this forum is Rouge. You can contact her by email or if you prefer one of the moderators.

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    If at any time you'd like to make a suggestion (which we always welcome!), provide any feedback for this forum or make a complaint, please contact her by email or if you prefer one of the moderators.

    We appreciate all your feedback as it does help to make our forums a much happier, relaxed place to chat! Your comments will be taken seriously and treated with confidentiality, so please feel free to contact us anytime!

    Again I remind everyone that this isn't a discussion thread as much - it's for us to tell our stories, add to it, think back and de-brief about all things parenting. Having a bad day? Add to your de-brief for something a little more theraputic We're not here to fix problems in this particular forum but offer a listening ear, support and relate where we can.
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