thread: How to keep house clean with 2 small children?

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    Jun 2012

    How to keep house clean with 2 small children?

    I'm a sahm but i find it hard get everything done.(Dinner and cleaning ) What your day like? how do you get everything done.
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    Simple answer, I don't!

    I know that is not particularly helpful if you do want to get everything done but I just can't fit everything in when I am doing it all by myself so my house is never perfect and dinner is not always organised. Some days one of those things is taken care of and I give myself a big gold star! On other days, my kids or my sanity take priority and I get a gold star for taking care of us on those days

    To keep things manageable, I try to keep toys in one room, pack them up as we go, have some dedicated quiet time toys that keep the kids focused so I can get another housework job done without interruptions and do jobs with the kids in the room or helping (for example, I clean the bathroom when they are in the bath, get them to help with the washing, pretend cook when I am cooking)

    It is not easy though and I have made friends with the mess and chaos in some ways.

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    Jul 2009

    Unless you are frantically cleaning every minute of the day i don't think its possible.

    My house is generally a clean messy by that i mean my floors are vacuumed but there are always toys/clothes everywhere. Its near impossible with a toddler to keep the toys in the toy boxes. Plus it only takes a few minutes to put them away at the end of the day. But being heavily pregnant i generally leave them.

    Its the washing i have trouble staying on top of but im gettng there slowly!

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    I've come to the conclusion - you just can't

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    Apr 2007

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    I agree - it is just not possible to have a spotless house with small children. The best thing to do is to set priorities and realistic expectations. I make sure that the bathroom is cleaned at least once a week and that the kitchen is kept hygenic (so if I don't have the motivation to do the dishes, just rinse and stack them, etc). Vacuuming and sweeping gets done most days as needed. Laundry doesn't always get put away, but meh...

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    Nov 2010

    I don't. I pick my battles really. Today I'm doing dishes and washing. DH did the floors (just a sweep). I'm working 12 hours tomorrow and DH will be the SAHD and TBH when I walk in that door I expect chaos. It's very hard to care for 4 kids and a house so we do what we can (just the basics) and do anything big like mopping or bathrooms when the kids are asleep or at daycare.

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    Mar 2009

    Change your definition of clean

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    I have found the secret is you involve them in the cleaning and tidying instead of trying to sneak away and do it while they're playing and ending up with them whinging at your feet. That's what I do and my house is generally tidy. We have some mess of course but nothing I worry about. And there's always some toys out that are currently in use. Nothing is ever going to be spotless with little kids.

    But if you let them help it's much easier. My kids LOVE to feel helpful and like they're doing something important. Even DD2 who is 16 months. So for e.g. if I'm doing the washing they can help put the things in the machine, pull them out when they're done, hand me pegs, push the washing basket to their room, 'fold' clothes, and hand me clothes to put away. Or sometimes they start a game and the washing basket becomes a boat and I can continue packing away Sure, it means it takes a bit longer, but they get to learn how to do stuff, feel important, and start good habits with helping with all the chores, and you get a tidy house. It's win win!

    Works for us here anyway

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    I had a cleaner that would come once a week and that was great, kinda like a reset button. But now i don't have her. Everyday i do floors, wipe clear surfaces,wash the clothes and dishes, if i have extra time or energy i will pick a room and 'spring clean' it.
    Bedroom toys stay in their bedroom, lounge toys in lounge and have a box for them to go in.
    Our house is a mess but while the kids are small and Im the only 1looking after it- don't care.

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    Jan 2008
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    I agree, you can't keep a house spotless with little kids!

    To try and stay on top of things, I find a few little things help...
    1. Declutter!!!! Getting rid of excess stuff/junk/clutter makes the house feel cleaner and tidier
    2. Have a "place for everything" - makes packing away quick and easy - if there is no "place" get rid of it or something else to make room.
    3. Have "systems" and tools which help when cleaning. Eg I keep my cleaning products in the bathroom and shower, so I can clean while I'm in the shower or the kids are in the bath. I also bought a rechargeable vacuum/upright DustBuster so I can do a quick whizz over the floors etc
    4. Meal planning allows me to always have meals in the freezer so I don't have to cook from scratch every night.
    5. Reset your priorities your children are only little for such a short time, spending time with them is more important (IMO) than a spotless house!

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    Clean while they are asleep. When they wake, strap them in the highchair to feed and dress them, then leave the house all day.
    Buy takeaway for dinner

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    When you figure it out let me know....

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    There's been a little phrase on FB that trying to clean your house with small children is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos

    I agree with Amaunet whole heartedly. I have OCD and I can't deal well with mess or dirt or clutter, but with 3 littlies (heck it started with one) I've compromised a lot with myself. Cut yourself some slack. They're only little for such a short time.

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    Dec 2007

    Change your definition of clean

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    I must be a bit of a weirdo but I find that the mess here comes from DH so when he's out at work, we can stay tidy. We live in a small house, so if it's not clean, I feel claustrophobic. I do my housework only one day a week and washing on another. DD plays with her toys during the day and she's encouraged that before she pulls something else out, she has to put something away. TV goes on here for her at 4pm, and she knows that it doesn't go on unless she packs her things back up.

    Sure, it gets out of control sometimes, especially over the past couple of months because we've been repainting and getting our house ready for sale, but as a whole, it stays clean and tidy. And while I don't have two kids yet, I am 37 weeks pregnant

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    Jul 2006

    ^^ Same as PacRakMG, I only have one child atm, another due later this year.

    When DD is home, her toys are everywhere. I tidy at night, don't bother to fight the mess constantly during the day. I do my major clean once a week and washing is usually a couple of times a week - casual clothes & towels on Wednesday, DH work clothes & linen on the weekend. I vac every second day but sweep the kitchen and meals area nightly. I iron or fold clothes at night infront of the t.v. DH helps alot, so I am fortunate. He cooks the nights I work b/c I don't usually get home until 6pm and we eat at that time.

    However if it comes down to spending time with my DD & DH or cleaning I'd pick them over cleaning any day.

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    Mar 2004

    Replace your flooring with concrete and put a drain in the corner. Every evening use a high powered hose to hose the place down...

    I send my children outside whenever I can. That way the garden looks like slum instead of the house which make burglars think that we are trailer trash with nothing to steal.

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    What Onyx said... Hehehe