thread: Our first Wonder Week?

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    Apr 2009

    Our first Wonder Week?

    So DH and I bought the Wonder Weeks book and were curious about whether we would notice when A was having one.

    A is 3 and a half weeks old. The Wonder Weeks are based on the EDD, and in that respect he's 4 weeks and 5 days from his EDD. The first Wonder Week is meant to happen around this time, but because this is our first experience, I just wanted to check what other's thought.

    A has been fussing around for the last 24 hours, on and off the boob constantly (ie. drinking for one minute, falling off it, then demanding more, then falling off again and getting upset), fussy with the dummy (nuzzling, then spitting it out almost immediately and crying again), and quite windy and grizzly. He's also been unable to settle without being cuddled. He seems to settle easier for DH (poor mumma is feeling a bit useless today )

    So...this sounds like a Wonder Week, right? What do other's think? Or is it something else?

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    Oct 2008

    I haven't read the wonder weeks book but to me it sounds like he's having a growth spurt. Little missy does this EVERY time we have a growth spurt. She has a fussy couple of days then sleeps a lot the next day!

    She also settles better for DH when he is here (and not at work, obviously), sometimes doesn't want to know me!!

    Hope he cheers up soon babe!
    Sue x

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    Jan 2006

    sounds pretty normal at that age, so yeah, probably. Weeks 3 to 10 felt like one long wonder week to us, but.