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Thread: Tearing my hair out - lack of day sleeps!

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    Default Tearing my hair out - lack of day sleeps!


    my ds2 is almost 4mts and I feel like I'm going crazy. Night time he is the perfect baby, and I mean perfect! Last feed around 7:30pm, changed into night nappy and jammies, cuddles with dad then it's off to bed. Then there he stays and sleeps soundly until I have to wake him for school drop off in the morning at about 8am, on the weekends he'll sleep until 9am! Lucky huh? Nope!

    During the day is another story. He spends more time screaming when he's awake than anything else and nothing I do seems to make it better. I know he's overtired, I know he needs to sleep but he just won't!!!! He'll close his eyes in the car for the school run and that will count as a sleep (10mins) or if I put him in his cot it's never for more than 20mins before the screaming starts. I can't even cuddle him to sleep and sit there so he can sleep on me. Something I'd gladly do if it meant he'd sleep and be his normal happy self for a few hours.

    This has only started in the past 2 weeks, before that I'd just pop him in his cot when he was tired, close the door and hear from him an hour or so later.

    I've tried a dummy, a sling, rocking, patting, sleeping in the cot, sleeping on me. What else can I try? I would gladly get up once or twice a night for feeding if it meant he'd get some sleep during the day!!!!!

    Thanks for reading if you got through it all!

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    It's the age - too much stuff going on in his head.
    Um, yeah, sorry, not sure you can 'fix' it as such. Hopefully it won't last too much longer. At least you're getting a good night out of him.
    It's hard with an older child, but maybe try more quiet, at home time with limited simuli...?

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    I'm sorry it's so tough during the day, but good going on the night sleeps little man! I tend to agree with Marcellus, going by my DD, from week 16 to 20 was just crazy for us, nothing I did really helped, sleeps were hit and miss, moods were up and down, it was really quite stressful for me! Just when I gave in and gave up with worrying about sleeps, everything calmed down and she's back to sleeping during the day. She has had a huge developmental leap too and is processing so much more and doing so much more, I can only put it down to the progress? Have you tried going for a walk in the pram? That would give us up to half an hour sleep to get through and helped clear my head too. Wish I could help more sorry

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    We have just been through this very same horrible phase. Google four month sleep regression for some refreshing news, it's totally normal and a phase and I have lived through it to tell you she has passed it and now sleeps 2-3hourly( 2x a day and a 40 min cat nap at the end of the day... bed at 6pm feed at 10pm, wake between 6/7am!!!) sometimes waking at 40minutes with a tiny grizzle and back to sleep. There was a thread on here about it too I think???

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