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Thread: Help needed with 10 month old.

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    Default Help needed with 10 month old.

    Hi guys, I'm hoping some of you may be able to help.

    I have a 10 mth old that I need to teach to slef settle and sleep by himself.

    He will sleep by himslef in his cot during the day but when it comes to nights he continually wakes and won't go back to sleep unless in my arms or in bed with me.

    He has been rocked to sleep since very young and I want to get him out of it. As for the night time issues well.... He is fed a bottle between 7.30 and 8, I feed him in the rocking chair in his room with music going. Burp him then lay him down in my arms and rock him until he is asleep if he isn't already. If he is I just put him in bed.

    He will sleep for a couple of hours then wake, we go in and try and just pat his bottom or rub his back to get him back to sleep. Some times it will work others we will have to pick him up and rock him. He may only go back to sleep for 20 min before waking again, this can go on all night until I get extremely tired and give into him by putting him in bed with me. Thats when he goes straight off to sleep without a problem.This has been going on for the last 5 months, hubby and I are sleeping in seperate beds because of it. He needs sleep for work and I need sleep to deal with two kids all day. How can I get him to self settle and to sleep all night in his own bed.

    Up until 5 months ago he slept in his own bed 7-8 hours straight at night no problems it's only since he started teething he became very clingy to me. I can put him in bed awake leave the room but he will just scream. I can go in after a few minutes shh him try and clam him and walk out but as soon as I do he will scream again. This can go on for over two hours. Can someone please help a tired mother. Any advice would be great.

    My first self settled right from the early weeks he was great it's just the second one thats clingy.

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    Can he be upset because he's teething and in pain at night? If either of mine are teething (I have one getting her 2 year molars, and one getting her second tooth at the moment) then I rub SM33 on their gums before they go to bed, seems to help them and they don't wake up all night. Either that or a dose of nurofen or something because that lasts 8 hours or whatever? I know I always felt bad if my DS was up and down for 5 hours or whatever, and then I finally gave in and gave him a dose of panadol - and he went to sleep for 6 hours or something!! Why didn't I think of that at 1am instead of 4am!!!! LOL So now I just do it when I know they are teething.

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    It's the teeth. A lot of kids get quite miserable and sleep very badly overnight when teething. Sometimes pain killers or teething necklaces help. To a certain extent it's just something you have to wait out.

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    Poor wee man. Can he just sleep with you until the teething thing is over?
    Sue xxx

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I have tried giving nurophen and panadol, neither seemed to really help. I also give teething tablets or rub bonjella on his gums. I might try the sm33.

    I never went through this with my first he was great. The only way you knew he was teething was when you saw a new tooth in his mouth so I have never dealt with this before.

    I don't want him sleeping with me cause that means either myself or hubby have to sleep on the couch. The longer we leave it the worse it is going to be I think and he is getting very clingy to the point I can't even walk out of the room.

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    It is really hard when they're so badly affected by teething. When they're clingy it's an expression of their need for comfort and security and the only way to get through it is to give them that. Trying to force them to be alone when they're not comfortable with it will only make their clinginess worse. It is a phase that will pass when he's feeilng more comfortable, I hope you can find a way through for now.
    All the best

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