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Thread: Having a Pajama & Poker party!! Need food ideas???

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    Default Having a Pajama & Poker party!! Need food ideas???

    My friend is holding a PJ and Poker party at her house for me and a friend (our bdays are like 5 days apart) theres only going to be about 10 of us. All Girls (YAY) only like the 2nd night ive been away from my DD which is a bit scary but also so exciting!!
    So.. theres going to be LOTS of booze and no ones letting me buy alcohol or anything saying that its for me, (plus they know how tight on money we are) so i thought i could at least get some food for the party, whether i make it of buy it, just wanted to see what suggestions people had?
    Thanks ladies xx

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    you can make prawn aioli. Its a winner at parties and we got the recipe from Masterchef. INstead of powder brick, we wrapped them in spring roll wrappers (cut in strips).

    The aioli we just use store bought mayo and lemon and garlic and seasoning.

    Easy but tasty!

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