thread: Lunch time food options for 6 Adults (BBQ out of action)

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    Question Lunch time food options for 6 Adults (BBQ out of action)

    Hi everyone,

    My BIL and family are coming over on Sunday for lunch...and oh so conveniently our BBQ is out of action

    What do you think would be a good lunch to serve? We have always done BBQ's - easy to prepare for - but since this is out of action I need some idea's? And preferably something that doesn't take hours of time to prepare....DS is very keen to "help" when in the kitchen and it's a bit of a hassel having him around my ankles for long stretches.


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    Could you buy roasted chickens and make salads? A potato salad, green salad and bread rolls is pretty quick to prepare and you could do some the night before.

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    tacos/burritos always goes down well. only the meat, chicken or veg filling to cook, tacos or tortillas in the oven to heat and then salad and sour cream on the table.

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    Baked potatoes. Put all the fillings on the table and everyone can serve themselves.

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    Fresh rolls, meat and cheeses from the deli.
    Big pot of soup with bread rolls - pea and ham, potato and leek, minestrone.
    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Slow cooked roast beef and gravy on rolls.

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    Shredded chicken tortilla wraps. You cook the chicken in the slow cooker.

    Or make a few curries the day before and reheat them and serve with rice, store bought rotis or pappadums.

    Make a batch of boolgnaise, a risotto and have a few salads and some bread rolls.

    I have a recipe for baked chili dogs. The whole lot goes in the oven all at once. In the buns. Yum.

    Slow roasted pork belly. Mashed spuds and salad. I make my mash the day before and bake it. It's pioneer woman's.

    Whatever you do. Do most the day before. Nothing sucks more than being in the kitchen all day.

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    Thanks Ladies! Sounds like some brilliant idea's! Cooking things the night before (once DS is in bed seems like a good plan) that way there is less to do on the day. Otherwise you will never get out of the kitchen! LOL

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    DIY pizzas - just get the dough ready and put the toppings out for them to make their own!

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    I like to bbq chook and salad idea