thread: Preparing in advance?

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    Question Preparing in advance?

    We have DD's birthday party on Saturday, mostly just family & mostly lunch type food. I want to do as much over tomorrow & Friday as I can so I dont have to doing anything Saturday morning except a quick tidy-up.

    I have a friend bringing homemade sausage rolls, another friend bringing a muesli slice thing & my mum is bringing a zucchini slice. Im going to make fried rice & get some ****tail frankfurts.

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for things I can make over the next 2 days (preferably healthy) or things that I can throw together in a matter of minutes on Sat.

    Oh & my oven is horrible so I pretty much only have the top shelf to cook on otherwise everything gets burnt on the bottom & stays raw on top. I have 2 slowcookers as well, a 3.5 ltr & a 6.5ltr

    Thanks in Advance

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    soup in the slowcooker (can be frozen later if not used - and then it's ready when you have your next kidlet)

    with the limited oven space to use, i would look at things that don't need heat - maybe if you feel like cooking up some muffins/cupcakes and just icing them on saturday. chocolate ripple cake for dessert

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    Thanks BG

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    Your slow cooker and be used to heat up and keep warm things like meatballs and hotdogs in sauces. Happy cooking!