thread: Store-bought party pies

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    Oct 2006

    Question Store-bought party pies

    I was at a function on the weekend and had some party pies that were as yummy as home made ones. There were beef one with pepper on the top and chicken ones with dries herbs on the top.

    Does anyone know what brand they might have been and/or where they can be bought from? I have DS's birthday coming up, and while I will be making the sausage rolls, I usually don't buy pies as I find most of them a bit gross. (No time to make pies as well...)


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    Sep 2008
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    They could have been from Ferguson Plair. They have YUMMY party foods!

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    Dec 2005
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    THey could be Herbert Adams brand - they do some gourmet/fancy types party pies

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    Ooooh ... i'd be soooo interested to know too for my DD's 3rd birthday party in May

    They sound just soooo yummo !!!

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    Oct 2006

    found them!

    they are boscastle and i found them at the factory shop in Brunswick. They also sell them at Leo's supermarkets in Kew and Heidelberg.