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Thread: Any vets out there or people who have had this happen to their dog?

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    Default Any vets out there or people who have had this happen to their dog?

    My little furbaby is not his normal self.

    Today (while I was at work) Dp told me that he did 2 wees that were just pure blood.

    He hasnt shown any signs of being lethargic, has still been his normal energetic psycho Jack russell self and eating and drinking water but I know this is not good. I am sure he also has quite a high pain threshold being a Jack Russell. Nothing ever seems to phase him.

    After these two blood wees this morning, his other wees have been clear.

    I rang the vets when I got home and they told me to try and get a wee sample (harder than you think) but I did manage to get one in a sterile container but I dont know where to store it. I forgot to ask. Should I store it in the fridge or just on the bench? DP is taking him and the sample to the vets at 9am.

    The vets seemed concerned but as they were dealing with an emergency tonight and the fact that I told them that he was acting normal and eating and drinking they said just to watch him over night which I am happy to do.

    Can anyone tell me what tests they might do?
    If this has happened to your pet, did you find out what it was?

    Also is this going to cost us a fortune?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would store it in the fridge, fresh urine is best, but I would keep this sample just in case, keep it refridgerated overnight and in the morning drop it off at the vet. They will test for basics, like glucose, protein, blood, ketones etc.... then if needed spin it down to see if there is bacteria or stones. Those tests can vary, but the first step when they are acting normally is to get the sample in. As long as he is eating/drinking and running around, its all good. Get them run first thing in the morning.

    My dog has had cystitis quite a few times, its not life threatening, but its more common in female dogs than male. Its treated with antibiotics and antiinflamatories. HTH!

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    Thanks Christy. You have put my mind at ease a little.

    I was thinking along UTI lines as well but he doesnt seem to be showing any pain or flinching when weeing or increased need to wee more often but then again he is such a good dog and wouldnt complain if he did. Just not in his temprament (sp?).

    I was thinking that yesterday he held on for a really long time to go for a wee. We went to the zoo and we leave our dogs inside when we go out (due to barking & neighbourhood issues) and even though we put paper down in the laundry just in case, he didnt use it and held on (8 hours) until we got home. Maybe holding it that long caused an infection?

    I will put in the fidge and also attempt to get another sample in the morning but at least we have that just in case.

    Thank you again for your advice

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    Default UPDATE. He had surgery today :(

    Thought I would come in and update.

    My poor little Winston went into the vet this morning and they looked at teh wee sample and said on the scale of 1-5 (5 being the higest amount of blood), his was a 4. So even though it was still yellow, it was really murchy and they could tell straight away it had blood in it.

    They gave him an ultrasound or xray (cant quite remember) and it came up that he had stones in his bladder. He had one the size of the end of my thumb and about 5 other smaller ones and needed surgery immediatly.

    I cant believe how resiliant he is. He showed no pain when it would have been excrutiating. The reason for the bright red blood yesterday was that some of the smaller stones that have sharp edges were starting to come down through his penis and cutting into him.

    If he was a human male he would have been in unbelievable pain but my poor little Winston never showed any pain (to us anyway).

    He was put under general anaesthetic and had his undercarriage cut open and then his bladder cut open to remove the stones. Was major surgery. He went through it quite well but he has a big recovery ahead of him.

    I wasnt able to see him and he will be there for at least a few days.

    This is going to floor us financially up **** creek but as dog owners and lovers, we jsut couldnt not do the surgery. We are already up to $1500 as of today.

    I might try and get a advanced payment of my FTB from FAO as I am still waiting on my tax return/FTB reconcilliation.

    I just hope he is okay. I want to know what caused this but not sure if we can afford the $180 to get the stones sent to pathology for a possible inconclusive result.

    Just upset at the moment and wish he was here. I cant believe how we went from everything being fine on the weekend to him on a surgery table today.....

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    hope your little furbaby is recovering from his surgery alright. Just goes to show how tough Jack Russells are...they may be small but they are mighty! I'm sure he is a fighter

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