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Thread: Anyone with chooks? Our chook has a crook leg!!

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    Unhappy Anyone with chooks? Our chook has a crook leg!!

    We have chooks and one of them, the baby silkie chook is only a few months old and lately started limping! She can't walk properly and is only really using one of her legs. She can't get around hardly at all and we aren't sure what happened!!
    Did a spider bite her? Did one of the other chooks or ducks bite her? Not sure.... but it's sad because we are talking about maybe having to put her down I have to make sure she gets to the food each day and has water near her and at night we bring her into the chook pen with the others otherwise she is left outside in the cold because she can't hop up into the pen!

    It's been 3 days and she's still not better..... should we take her to the vet? I get so upset when animals get sick and have to be put down and some people say "oh its just a chook" but to me she's an animal, our pet, and DD's little friend.

    Anyone with chooks know? Thanks.

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    Yes you should take her to a vet.

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    I thought maybe it's a sprain or something and she'll get better, you know how sometimes you can twist your ankle and limp a bit then it gets better each day!? But nope....

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    I have had something like this happen to two chooks of mine.
    With the first it was a nervous system disorder where one side of her body just went limp and there was nothing we could do.

    With the other - I can't quite remember the condition but I do remember there was an option for treatment. I tried to give this bird a bit of time to recover as she was eating and drinking and alert, just couldn't move properly. I had to take her to bed and put her out and bring food/water to her. After 3 days of not getting better (but still fully alert and bright eyed) I took her to the vet. The option of treatment cost to much to justify, especially considering the chance of it working was not very good after not showing improvement for a few days. In the end we decided to euthanise.

    I understand what you mean, they are more than 'just chooks' and it is a tough thing when any animal is sick. I definitely would take her to the vet to get an answer as it is too stressful for you and for your pet to have questions. Im sorry for the sombre news from my experience but hope your outcome is better than mine. FWIW, I received a call from my vet clinic later that afternoon about the death of the chook to check I was ok! Some people understand!

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