thread: BBQ's and Labradors don't mix!!!

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    BBQ's and Labradors don't mix!!!

    So we were having a relaxing Sunday late afternoon BBQ with some friends and one of the many steaks was a bit too bloody. So DH puts it back on the BBQ while we put the girls to bed so we can cut it up for lunch today. I wander into the lounge room and smell it thinking I should get it off. As I walk outside I see my girl jump up and pull the steak off the BBQ!!!!! I run over screaming to drop it (duh... she gulped it in one) and she vomited straight away from the heat. There was some pink tinge to the vomit and she was licking like made (Duh....) so I had to take her into my work at the Animal Critical Care centre. Luckily I'd worked there yesterday... and luckily Abby is one of their best blood donor dogs. Anyway... she had sloughing on her tongue and some burns down her eosophagus. Soft food for a week or so and pain relief.

    Poor puppy dog!!! I'd even taken extra precaution to wrap up the corn cobs and put them directly into the rubbish bin!!!! I've pulled too many of them out of dogs abdomens.... and yet my dog decides to get her meat straight from the BBQ... she didn't even get to digest it though. Poor sausage.

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    Oh no! Your poor puppy . I hope she recovers quickly.

    A friend of ours was just about to throw a snag straight off our BBQ to our dog the other day . Luckily DH came out in time to stop him. What was he thinking???

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    oh ouch poor puppy.

    Hope she is better really soon


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    ouch !! hope she recovers soon

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    One of our pups (a lab) used to jump up on the BBQ side bit, and lick the plate! We had to watch him so he wouldn't do it when it was still hot. Thankfully, no injuries.

    Hope your pup recovers soon,


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    OOUCH!! Your poor dog. Hope she recovers soon, and thank goodness she had someone to act so quickly for her..

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    poor puppy.

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    Aw poor baby! All in the name of a juicey peice of steak! Hope she recovers soon!
    We have one of those BBQ's with the hood that we put down if it's cooking and we aren't close by just for cases like these!

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    I have a Lab too... Hover i should have called him... I make then rice/pasta and veg with dog mince... i used to put it out warm wheni t was cold... Had to stop cos he'd scoff the whole lot down then throw it up... (it wasnt HOT but warm u know) i soon learnt that only cold food for him... my Kelpie was great she would lay next to it and wait if it was a little too warm. I have to watch my lab cos he will try to eat anything even if ur holding it... They sure Love their food dont they

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    Dear me, poor labs rarely know when to stop. Totally ruled by their stomach.

    My dad's lab, Ralph, many years ago, ate an ENTIRE roast chook in one gulp. Mum turned away for a second to answer the phone. Came chook. No sign there ever was a chook.

    I met a Labradoodle once with stitches all the way down it's belly. It had to have surgery to remove an entire corn cob it gulped.

    My own Lab...when she was a pup we let her off the leash and she made a beeline to someone's wheely bin. Only she could have known there was a whole banana in there. She loves bananas!

    She has also eaten a bar of soap in previous years.

    A Labrador is certinally a unique creature and not for everyone. I think Lab owners have great tolerance and pateince! :-)

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    lol Labradors... I called one of my best friends who I used to work with & she said "Who would own a labrador??? They are walking eating machines!"

    My Abby the Labby ate a bucket of puppy biscuits when she was 12 weeks old... it was in a cupboard that she figured out how to open and ate the lid off it and then half the bucket. I got home from work, put her in the car and straight to work for a stomach pump.... she was twice the size before the stomach pump! She also enjoys a bit of rubbish scavenging... and she loves chicken poo!!! Crazy creature. We always tell people not to let her lick them... who knows whats been in her mouth!??! She's had garbage guts multiple times (gastro due to eating rubbish). She also had a My Little Pony head come out her bum.... lucky it came out!!!

    Then again, when she donates blood she looks up lovingly at the person who is sticking a giant needle into her jugular and slowly wags her tail.... and I have all the love in the world for this gentle creature....

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    Oh your poor wee baby! I'm glad she's ok now.

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    Oh and my Ebony loves cat poo. But apparently all dogs do.

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    Oh no! They love to eat dont they!! Glad she is okay.

    We had a lab cross shepherd growing up and my dad had this massive bbq that was built specifically for his height (he is 6foot 5). We were having a bbq and ran out of gas mid BBQ. SO we left the steaks on there and went to get gas. We got back and the 3 steaks at the front of the hot plate were gone as Laddie (our dog) had put his front poors up on the brick work and got them off!

    It is very hard to stop a lab from eating. Make sure you check out the movie Marley and Me and you can see how much labs love to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!