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Thread: How do I let her go?

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    Default How do I let her go?

    I have a Lab X Staffy who is 1 year old. She is a lovely dog, so gentle with the kids and such a lovely nature. We have had to move into a smaller place with a really small yard and she is being really destructive. I know it's because she doesn't have much space and I don't get to walk her every day. When I do take her to the dog park she just runs. I have to let her go to a bigger place, but my heart is breaking. I love her so much.

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    oh hun It's such a hard decision to do what's best for them. Any chance you'll be moving back to a larger property in the future? Can you find a temporary home until you are able to look after her again?

    Do a google search on animal rescue WA. Petrescue & animalrehoming are good organisations - they will assist with finding the right home for your baby.

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    Hey there. A larger yard won't make much of a difference honestly. Dogs tend to get bored in whatever yard size they have because it is unchanging and quickly boring. Google 'environmental enrichment' - basically it means thinking up ideas to keep your dog entertained.
    Some ideas that might help:
    Off-leash parks (drive your dog, let them run around with other dogs - it tires them out way more than a walk on a lead can do)
    Toys (the usual - chew toys, ropes, balls etc. The trick is that you need to rotate regularly - swap different toys in every day)
    Investigatory (scatter dry cat food over the grass so they have to search around for it, spray some novel scents around so they smell new things in their backyard, hide a bone in a garden so they have to find it)
    Other (frozen stuffed kong - they have to wait for it to de-freeze as well as try and get it out, bone/toy attached by a springy cord to a permanent fixture so she can pull on it but can't walk away with it, digging sandpit - somewhere she is allowed to dig where you can bury things for her, iceblocks with frozen dog treats - in warmer weather, play music or a radio for her while you are away)
    Training (using positive training - e.g. with food or toys - is fantastic for keeping boredom at bay and dogs love it. It is pretty easy to learn and you can teach them cool tricks)

    With all enrichment you need to make sure firstly that it is safe (e.g. don't give a toy that she can chew up and ingest) and secondly that it won't encourage bad behaviour (e.g. don't give a doll or shoes for her to chew up). The internet will give you some other great ideas to enrich their lives even in a small block. It is used in zoos all of the time so the animals don't get bored and stressed.
    You could also look around for someone in your local area who has a lonely dog and arrange to swap puppy sitting.
    Hope this helps!

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