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Thread: How do I make them go?

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    Default How do I make them go?

    I'm in the process of very slowly introducing the cats to outside.

    ATM, we just take them outside for 5-15 minutes at a time, under supervision.

    How do I get them to go to the toilet outside? I've tried taking their litter tray outside as well as throwing some (biodegradable, paper) litter on the grass and placing them in the general vicinity...

    So far they are only interested in eating grass and running next door

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Nic xo

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    Maybe try taking them out after they've had something to eat and drink? They may just not need to go in the short time they are outside, and since it's all new to them they might only be interested in exploring and kind of forget about needing to go to the toilet.

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    Thanks hun.

    They often sit at the door and meow, and once they realise I'm taking them out (it was raining!), they both went to the loo. So this afternoon when they sat and meowed, I let them out... and had to send DSD1 next door to bring them back.

    Am I doing this correctly by taking them for lits bits of time every now and then? Should I just let them go outside for a bit and see what happens?

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