thread: My Weird Cat

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    Nov 2008

    My Weird Cat

    We have a cat that DH has had since he was about 15, so she is pretty old. She is very close to me, and always sleeps with me at night. We had Logans bassinette set up in our room, but DH found her in there one morning. We decided to move the bassinette to the spare room, and since we have done that, she hasnt gone near it. She never goes into the spare room.

    Has anyone else's cat been like this??

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    Jun 2007
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    Yep our cat loved the cot!! I even found him one day UNDER the sheets!! I think he thought i went to all that trouble to make a bed just for him!!

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    Mar 2008
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    I haven't set up the nursery yet (yes, bad I know) becuase it also has to function as my office (no choice here).

    The cat has decided that her ALL TIME FAVOURITE chair is my keyboard stool and it is mighty hard to get her off it.

    The stool has to go in another part of the house with the keyboard soon.

    Hubby moved it last week and the cat was SO traumatised.

    We moved it back in here for now. LOL.

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    Mar 2006
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    your bedroom is your cat's domaine therefore ANYTHING in there is their property I'm serious - Miss Giz rules this place, when I was with xh anything that was his belonged to her so she slept on everything of his, his clothes, his side of the bed, him

    this place was hers and mine when I was single, and is again now I'm single again - as I look over my shoulder to see her sprawled over the couch in the study

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    Feb 2009
    On the couch.

    Bad Kitty!
    Before bub was born we bought a rocker and put it in the nursery, no good it became Gordon's new bed... got a cot, caught him in in numerous times, then only two weeks ago I was looking at the change table and there were grubby little paw prints on the top!!! I think its because for the last 7 years he has had full run of wherever we lived so he did't realise some things are off limits, although now Bub is here he has learnt quick! So your not alone Bridg

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    Apr 2007
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    I had a cat that was more human then cat when I was pregnant with DS. She was totally put out once we started getting ready for his arrival but I was paranoid about her sleeping/sitting on anything DS would be on so we really discouraged her from being in the cot etc. We ended up giving her to my mum as she started taking swipes at my ankles in the last few weeks of pregnancy and on one occasion made me trip trying to avoid her. Still is not keen on my son and its been over a year since he came along (still lives with mum for that reason).

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    Nov 2008

    Starbright- Aww thats so cute.

    AngelPunks- Milo does have run of the household. She is the most spoilt cat! She follows me everywhere. Even to the loo.

    jords- Thanks. She has always been around kids, so she is used to them. I think it was the fact that the bassinette was in our room.

    Macca79- Thats so sad that ur cat was like that. I really dont want to have to put her down, because I know if we gave her away, she wouldnt cope. She was sitting on DH's knee last night, until she heard me lie down on the couch, then she was up and straight over and curled up beside me.

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    Oct 2008

    We have two girl cats that are very affectionate and still try to sleep on my stomach. They have the run of the house but are very good with DD. It will be interesting to see how they are with #2 as they are generally scared of babies, but good with kids.

    When DD was just born we had two boy cats and weren't sure how they would adjust to a new baby. We put balloons in the cot and bassinet to discourage them from getting in there. This seemed to work really well until one day I forgot to shut the door of DD's room when I put her down for a sleep. Came back to check her 20 mins later and one of the cats had got into the bassinet with her and was carefully cured up and not touching her at the other end - watching her! Of course I got him out immediately and he never got back in, particularly when she found his tail and ears so tempting to pull but it did give me a heart attack!

    The cats adjusted very well but I think that was also helped by us letting them sniff everything that was new coming into the house, including DD when she first came home. It is their home too and they just wanted to know all the changes that were happening!

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    Sep 2008

    We kind of have a part time cat. He actually is owned but our neighbours (two doors down) but hangs out with us all the time. He spent the whole day today (arrived about 7am and left around 6pm) asleep on our spare bed. He's not interested in the nursery though - seems to prefer the bigger beds where he can spread out I think. He is such a beautiful cat though considering we don't own or feed him. I was lying on the bed with him today giving him a scratch under the chin and he ever so gently stretched him paws against my stomach. So so cute!

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    Sep 2007
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    Our cat Moe took to the snuggle bed for a little while when I set up the nursery. Now its the change table in front of the window I figured he just likes the feeling of walls around him - sort of like a security thing.
    He doesn't really go into the nursery so much any more he is not allowed and actually only follows me in when I go in there to open the window.

    Maybe your cats would like its own bed? you can get soft cat beds like doggy beds and see how that goes.