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Thread: Please help...we love him but don't know what to do.

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    Well Lenny, you've inspired me! (not to mention all the great advice here). I've tried a Delta trained trainer nearby and she is going to come and spend some time with our little troublemaker to see if she can 'fix' things!

    Since our dog is only small we haven't really bothered beyond what we've done ourselves. I got DP to agree to it if it means we don't have to lock her away when we're worried about a situation. So fingers crossed to the both of our doggies, Lenny!

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    That's great Jennifer. Not having to lock the dog away 'just in case' will be great.
    No bones (or tennis balls) while my parents are here, so that we don't have to worry about potential problems and then some intensive doggy whispering. It's going to be good!

    I was such a mess when I posted originally, i was worried and emotional. Now I'm really positive and looking forward to some hard work with big rewards. THANK YOU ALL!!

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