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Thread: Toilet training a new puppy

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    Default Toilet training a new puppy

    Pretty much what the title suggests! We just got a puppy, hes just come away from his mother and hes beautiful! Very well behaved so far but hes only little and getting to grips with his new surroundings. His "bedroom" is in the laundry with his bed, food, water and plenty of newspaper at the door.
    Anyway he's not using the paper I try to put him on the paper every half hour or so but he just runs off it and back to the lounge room, when he does a poo i have been putting the poo on the paper and putting him on the paper in an effort to show him this is where you go.

    Any tips for toilet training a pooch?

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    Two out of three of our dogs had it down pat fast, and we used a little liquid from the pet supply place. I don't remember what it is called, but you put a few drops of it on the newspaper and it encourages them to go in that spot. The only dog it didn't work for was our ****er spaniel, bless her. But we've been told that they aren't the easiest to toilet train

    Good luck and congratulations and much love on your new addition!

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    We had our two littlies in a playpen with paper, we tried to teach them to go outside as soon as possible. The best thing is to try and catch them in the act and pick them up (mid pee if possible) and move them onto the paper. when they go there, give them lots of praise and possibly a reward. don't tell him off when he goes in the wrong place but just remind him and move him to where he should be. Can take a little while but it worked with my two.

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