thread: Why Did I Start Looking ?

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    Why Did I Start Looking ?

    Our girls are missing our boy Jack so so much and so is our fur baby Cassie, she hardly leaves her kennel unless we take her out to the paddock and she just looks so upset.

    So i had a look on the adopt a dog website and a few others... why oh why did i start looking.

    I've added about 6 dogs to my favorites list but i highly doubt DP will allow me to go and spend like $450 on a dog.

    There is a gorgeous little guy named BRUNO, he's a kelpie x BC pup (just like our big girl) - and the last bit of the decription is us to a tee
    Bruno must go to a home that has another dog for companionship. He is not suited to be an only dog. He would love it if you at home most of the day and if there were children that could spoil him and he is fine around cats.
    WHY DID I START LOOKING... hmm when DP gets home i might just have to show him some of these gorgeous dogs.

    Of course i really hope our boy jack finds his way home but we are not optimistic.... the next best thing for us would be to save some other little fellow.
    A puppy to grow with our girls and be a friend to our Cassie.. she's our lead dog and a pup would be perfect as she could still be the top dog but have someone with energy to play around with and keep her company.

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    Oct 2007
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    I saw a 6 month old on the DG FB site. wasn't gonna say anything but...

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    Yeah i saw that too... thats what made me start looking

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    Jun 2007
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    i went to the shelter on thursday to drop off some blankets for the cats and ended up adopting a bunny rabbit lol
    i say do it!

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    Mar 2004

    Your other fur baby needs a furry friend and if you rescue a dog there is space for another dog to be saved.

    I think that we're all rescue enablers lol. If you wanted to be talked out of it you came to the wrong place.

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    Onyx - hmm subconsciously i think i was wanting people to say GO FOR IT... it would be DP that would need the convincing.

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    Mar 2008

    Take Cassie to the shelter with DP and let him see her react and choose a friend. That might encourage him lol.

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    I really hope your boy comes home soon. If he doesn't, a rescue dog is a wonderful idea,especially for a working dog to have room to run and play. As Onyx says, for each dog that is adopted, 2 are saved from death row. The new adoptee and another dog who can take his place.

    I say go for it. We are so in love with our pooch and the idea that this beautiful soul would have been put down through no fault of his own makes me cry.

    I can recommend AWDR. They've had a few pups come through recently. Just sayin....

    ETA- had to have a look on petrescue. Wow, Bruno is gorgeous!! The $450 may seem a lot but that covers his desexing, vax and being looked after in foster care rather than being stuck in a cage.
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    My neighbour has 2 border collies that he no longer has time for. And I feel so sorry for them in his small yard. DS would love if we took them in but we already have 2 cats, and only live on an 800m2 property. Not fair for working dogs. They are just over a yr old I believe.

    He annoyed me a bit,

    1. Because his yard is smaller than ours and he got working dogs
    2. When he didn't have enough time to spend with the first one, he got another to offer her companionship. Duh, that's not going to work. Grrr really annoyed me. Why are people so thoughtless about their animals.

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    Jun 2007
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    Why Did I Start Looking ?

    Omg Bruno is so cute!!!

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    Nov 2008

    Get him, get him. He's sooooo cute

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    DP's not really interested in getting another dog so soon
    I would love to adopt Bruno, he's the same breed as our Cassie and he would be a gorgeous little boy to grow up with our girls... even showed DP a picture and thought he might change his mind but alas no

    Might have to wear him down.

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    Feb 2008
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    does he see how upset Cassie is? A new buddy might help ease her pining for Jack, and if he does turn up you'll have three lovely doggies!

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    Jul 2008
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    naww...wear him down and claim "your dog" do you think we ended up with star AND her mum? heh. (im not a cat person but DH is)
    maybe explain too its for the girls and them needing to understand that a new dog isnt always a puppy?

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    May 2012
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    As nice as it would be, I am sure... I'm in two minds about saying GO FOR IT to getting another dog so soon. If you've exhausted all avenues for finding Jack, and are at a conclusion that it's unlikely he's coming home, then maybe, but what if he does happen to show up - could you manage/keep a third dog? Would you keep the newly adopted dog or rehome?
    I'd also be careful choosing the same mix or similar breeds to Jack given he was a mix of breeds that are quite capable, agile and intelligent enough to want to escape a yard... and I'd also want to be really comfortable with any dog if they were put up for rescue due to being bored and/or serial escapees. Make sure your fences are all 100% secure and that a new dog won't escape in a similar fashion to Jack.
    I also think that while it's great having detailed descriptions on the dogs up for rescue, the only way you can really be sure that a dog is right for you is to meet the dog in person and also go through an experienced rescue who can place dogs very well into new homes, to ensure that the dogs don't have to be returned.

    Sorry for being a bit negative here. I'm not intending to offend or upset. Just looking at it from a different POV.