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Thread: Would you give her up?

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    Default Would you give her up?

    I just don't know what to do. I have a Staffy X Lab who is 11 months. She is desexed. She is brilliant with my 2 girls and so gentle although completely rough with everyone else. She is destroying my tiny yard. Digging holes and ripping up the grass. I just have sand and holes now. I know the yard is too small for her. I take her for walks as often as I can with 2 kids which is only about twice a week. I keep her busy with toys and treats but she is still destructive. She runs like mad when I take her to the dog park and loves to run and run. My husband wants me to let her go to a bigger place and get a small dog. I just love her because she is so good with the kids and it's so difficult to find a dog who is going to be gentle. I know she won't be sad to leave us because she loves people and she would love other dogs to play with. My heart is just so sore to let her go. She is my little girl. What would you do?

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    Is getting a dog walker or sending her to doggy day care very now and then an option?
    If digging is her thing you could make her a digging pit. Get an old clam shell and fill it with dirt and sand (it doesn't need to be great quality a few stones is ok) then you can hide a bone in it for her to find and/or a kong and/or any other toy she likes. Kings are a great boredom buster.

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    I agree with Onyx on the digging pit - they can work a treat. We have an old clam shell here that our girl used for awhile, you're welcome to it if you want to try one. Just make sure you put one on a sweepable area, as the sand can spread far and wide.

    When we adopted our staffy x at approx. 1yr old, she was rife with bad behaviours, and we found it a challenge to keep her entertained but we got there in the end. We invested in several puzzle type toys (kongs, buster cubes, stuffable toys etc) and would just rotate them on a daily basis to keep her from getting bored. Naturally walking daily helps, but it can be hard to get out, I understand.

    Being a staffy, does your dog like to jump? There is the Aussie Dog Home Alone toy, if you google it you'll see it can keep a dog entertained for quite awhile. Our girl never really took to hers so we gifted it on, but I've known alot of dogs who spend hours playing with them.

    It's so hard because you know the behaviours will pass eventually as they get older and settle down, it's finding the solutions and having the patience in the meantime. Any chance you're SOR? I would love regular playdates for my girl and if we're close enough you could always drop her off over here to wear off some energy!

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