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Thread: Logynon ED

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    Red face Logynon ED

    My GP put me on this pill to get my cycles regular again so we can TTC #3.

    I was on this for 8 years before coming off to TTC #1 and had no problems.

    However this time its been very different. AF is still between 27-31 days but last one was 27 and time before that we are getting there. My moods have been so bad though, my skin is horrible. TMI but ive also lost ALL sex drive since going on it...

    Has anyone else had similar experiances with this brand?

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    kim ive never been on that one but whe i was on the pill i never had a sex drive!!
    so much better off it!! DH agrees too

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    LOL...Jols DH is telling me to stop taking it too...he wants his old DW back!

    I never lost any drive last time....just this time round!

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