thread: Placental abruption- TMI

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    Jul 2009

    Placental abruption- TMI

    has anyone had this?

    Ive just returned from the hospital from being in there from 10pm last night till 8am this morning, Ive had severe bleeding since yesterday not just spotting, i mean enough blood it was running down my legs all over my feet, i had, had a constant what felt like a stomach ache all day so i decided it was time to call my midwife as surely this wasnt normal. I called her and she wasnt much help just told me to come in, As i arrived the nurses kind of pushed me aside as they were 'busy' i was standing as it hurt sooo much to sit down. As i was standing there a midwife came and asked me my problem. I was taken to a bed finally to find i had soaked my trackies with fresh blood (i even had a maternity pad on) was taken for tests and a U/S - to check bubs heartbeat, whilst checking my placenta they found that my placenta has come away.

    atm the hospital said its not 'severe' but that if it gets worse to come back. Im on bedrest till im 36 weeks, then depending on my condition i will prob be given a c-section at 36 weeks.

    I just know this would have something to do with all the usless stress im under. I cant believe i have put my own life and my babys life in danger for someone who doesnt give two effin hoots about us!
    Then i send my worthless XP a msg letting him know (after a million regected calls) and all i get back is ' i dont care were only friends, im seeing someone else now' what the EFF does that mean!

    Has anyone experienced this condition? Im so terrified ive let everything get the better of me.

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    Oh hun, I've not experienced what you're going thru but I couldn't read and not post.

    Please don't think you've brought this upon yourself - you need to try and relax, take it easy and be easy on yourself!

    I really really hope and pray that this weekend is nice and calm for you and your condition settles down.

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    Feb 2010

    oh dear, i feel so sorry for u, i havent experienced this either but i really wanted to send my positive vibes to you & ur bubba!

    Please dont stress & make sure u have ur bed rest (as hard as it is with a little one to chase)

    i hope everything works out to be great!

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    so let me get this right, ur placenta is pulling away from ur uterine wall and they sent u HOME?!!?! WTF?! i would have thought that it would be cause for major concern????
    please please take care of urself. when do u go back in to be checked on? go back in anytime u feel u need to and DAMAND to be seen to.
    Big hugs and kisses hun

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    Jul 2009

    My goodness I really didn't think they would send you home so fast for this. Don't have any experience but just wanted to send you hugs.
    Can't believe you xp, what an ass. Even a friend would care and be concerned! Hope there are some other people to give you some support as bedrest is going to be hard with Oscar runnign round if he's anything like my little man. Is there someone who can give you a hand?

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    Firstly - please make sure someone is looking after you and if you get more bleeding go straight back to the hospital!

    Secondly - WTF? This baby is HIS child too. Isn't he concerned at all???

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    I ditto what others have said. If there is any more bleeding, or if you are concerned about bub's movements, then pop back to the hospital. Uterine rupture is a real cause for concern and a well known pregnancy condition so if the hospital has sent you home you can be reassured that they do think you will be ok just now. Try to rest as much as possible and put your XP out your mind as much as you can. You need to concentrate on you right now and clearly he doesn't know or understand what the right thing to do is so get through the next few weeks and then deal with him.

    Now might be a good time to gather your friends and family around you. A CS generally takes longer to recover from, and at 36 weeks there is a chance your bub may be in special care for a short while, so you may need childcare for Oscar, as well as physical support for you. Do not be afraid to ask your friends for help.


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    I've not experienced this myself but on one of my first shifts on prac, I was caring for a young Woman who was pregnant with twins. She had an abruption right before my eyes. And she didn't even come in for bleeding! She came up because she was having tightenings and was only 32 weeks.

    Its a scary experience for everyone involved let alone you poor ladies going through it.

    I would reccomend keeping an eye on it. If it gets any heavier....call an ambulance!

    I don't wan to scare you but things can go very bad for both you and baby if you leave this too long. I am also very suprised that they let you go home!

    Did they mention anything about you being transferred to the Mater Mothers?

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    Hey ladies, just thought id let you know Brooke is back in hospital so they can monitor her & bub; if he starts to stress out looks like she will be having bub way earlier then planned!

    Will keep you updated when i hear more xo

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    I really don't think they should have sent you home.
    I am not trying to scare you but I lost my daughter to uterine rupture and placental abruption.

    here is info copied from better health website:

    'Placental abruption in pregnancy means the placenta has detached from the wall of the uterus, either partly or totally. This can cause heavy bleeding in the mother and can starve the unborn baby of oxygen and nutrients. The condition is also known as placental abruptio or abruptio placenta. Symptoms include bleeding, abdominal pain and frequent uterine contractions.

    Some of the symptoms and signs of moderate to severe placental abruption include:

    * Bleeding, most commonly noticed when the woman starts bleeding from the vagina
    * Continuous abdominal pain
    * Continuous lower back pain
    * Painful abdomen (belly) when touched
    * Tender and hard uterus
    * Very frequent uterine contractions
    * Foetal distress – for example, abnormal heart rhythm.

    All cases of suspected placental abruption, regardless of severity, should be closely monitored to protect the health and safety of the mother and child. This monitoring is usually done in hospital and should include regular checks of the vital signs of both mother and baby. Treatment depends on the severity of the condition but may include:

    * Mild cases, earlier in pregnancy – if the baby isn’t distressed and if the vaginal bleeding stops, you may be allowed to go home and rest. See your doctor for regular check-ups and if your condition changes.
    * Moderate cases, earlier in pregnancy – you may need to stay in hospital until the baby is old enough for the doctor to safely induce labour. The doctor may recommend medicines to help the baby’s lungs mature more quickly prior to birth.
    * Mild to moderate cases, later in pregnancy – at 36 weeks’ gestation or more, the doctor may recommend delivery. A vaginal birth may be possible. However, if the placenta separates further from the wall of the uterus during labour, the doctor may switch to immediate delivery via caesarean section.
    * Severe cases – immediate delivery is the safest treatment. The mother may require supportive care. Heavy maternal bleeding may be treated with a blood transfusion or emergency hysterectomy or both.

    I personally would insist on been in the hospital, and tell them, the consequences are on their heads if they refuse to admit.

    Thinking of you,

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    Sep 2009

    for you love. Hope everything goes ok and that you have plenty of support hugs

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    Sep 2009

    thanks for updating Ammaki, I posted at the same time as you.

    Thinking of her, I hope all goes well for her.

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    Thanks for the update, I am very reassured she is back in hospital

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    Feb 2010

    glad she is back in hospital, hoping every works out fine for her & bubs!

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    Wow so glad to read she's back in hospital. I am incredulous that she was sent home. I can't comprehend this but that's a whole other issue.

    I hope that you are being monitored closely my love. Prayer and love being sent for you and your little one. Try not to focus on what the baby's father is like. He is what he is. Right now you need to be in the light so you can best grow this little one for as long as possible. Big big cuddles. xxx

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    thanks for update ammaki, poor bugger. hope shes ok, let her know we're all thinkng of her

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    Send her all our love and prayers Ammakki!
    i'm thinking of her!

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    Far out! I was shocked too that they sent her home but so glad that she is back at hospital. My sister had one during labour and her DD has cerebral Palsy because she was without oxygen for too long so it got me worried that they just sent her home like that. Fingers crossed that everything is all right for her and bubs