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Thread: Tear in Placenta

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    Default Tear in Placenta

    I am fairly new to these forums, although I have browsed a fair bit, but I just wanted to get some support from others who may have experienced a similar thing.

    I am 13 weeks pregnant and last week I had some bleeding, went to the Hospital they did an ultra sound and blood tests, and I just got my results monday to say that I have been heamoraging and I have a slight tear in the placenta. The doctor didnt make a big deal of it and he didnt even check my blood pressure as he normally should at any antenatel app.
    He didnt explain what it is and what I should be looking out for should it get worse. I dont feel comfortable about it and he is not giving me another ultra sound until 18 weeks which is another 6 weeks away. I have called my obs and Midwife clinic who have booked me in straight away to see them tommorrow. I feel that my doctor has neglected me and I dont wish to continue my check ups with him. I have heard of other people being monitered with ultra sounds every two weeks to make sure it heals.

    Can someone please give me your experiences if you have had a similar result, and did it get better? Also did you get regular checkups to see that all is ok?

    Im really concerned about this and I need some reassurance and advise


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    Hi Christine,

    I'm sorry, I haven't been in the same position as you, but wanted to say that if you are not haapy with the level of care you are receiving you have every right to change doctors to one who you feel is addressing your needs/concerns etc.

    Did you ask specific questions and he didn't respond?
    I have found with many doctors and specialists in the past that if I don't squeeze the information out of them, its not offered. Honestly it can be like pulling teeth.

    I hope you get the info you are looking for, and that someone on this site, or your midwife appoinment tomorrow is helpful.

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