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Thread: Anyone in Sunbury/Gisborne area?

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    Smile Anyone in Sunbury/Gisborne area?

    Hello, just wondering if there are any mums in the Sunbury/Gisborne area who would like to catch up for a coffee sometime. I've lived in Sunbury for nearly 2 years and would love to meet some other mums! I have a little boy, Harrison who is 14 weeks.



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    Hi I dont live up there but have a frined who does who would love to chat and catch up i tryed to pm you her email address but i cant as you have not had enought posts, if you contact me via pm or email i will give you her address.

    she has a boy who is nearly 3 and a girl who is 5 months and has not lived up there for too long and has limited frineds close by.

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    Default Also from Sunbury

    Just wondering if you ever found a playgroup in Sunbury? I have been working full time and so haven't had time to go to a playgroup - couldn't find one on weekends - my son is now two. But I am now due with no. two in August, so would like to find a group to join. Any recommendations?

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    I am in Gisborne. Alway up for a catch up.

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    Also from Sunbury....
    I am due with my first bub end of July and would love to catch up with a group close by

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    Hi, I've only just checked this thread again and seen your replies so I'm sorry for the delay in replying. I would still love to meet up with some local mums, I now have a nearly 2 year old, and have had my second baby in August. Hope to hear from you

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