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    Dec 2006
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    Smile Brisbane Northern Suburbs mums

    Hi Guys
    I have to start work full time again on April 2nd so I would like to arrange a bit of a meet for us Brisbane Northern Suburbs mums ... I guess to be blunt I would love to try and get these up and running while I have this precious time on my hands.
    I was to go to the central brisbane mums but with the masses of traffic jams that we seem to encounter on our roads I am a bit restricted to morning trips to the city to aviod traffic.. a traffic jam is never fun.. especially with a screaming baby cause he doest like it when the car stops!
    I am in the Pine Rivers Shire but am more than happy to travel if its easier for others.
    I dont have much of an idea where there are any nice parks so if some of the northern suburbs gals would like to give me some idea that would be GREAT!!


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    Dec 2006
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    caramello Guest

    Smile Northern Suburbs Playgroup

    Hi Kitty33

    I also have a little bub and would love to be involved in a mother's group on the north side. I live in the pine rivers shire and think this is a great idea. Let me know if anything is organised.

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    Fee Guest

    I'm in Pine Rivers too and would be happy to meet up.

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    Jodestar21 Guest

    Hi Kirst,

    I wrote back to you on another thread then saw this new one! Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner, things have been nightmarishly busy with the move, visitors and our new little baby Fraser! I cant believe he's almost 3 months old now...wow time flies. We are going to be moving to Bracken Ridge next Friday so Id love to join the mothers group if its all going ahead.

    Thanks again,

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    Dec 2006
    Caboolture QLD

    Hey Jode,
    Oh my!!! So close!! are you nervous??

    I am going back to work on the 2nd April but if you guys might be keen for a weekend meet that would be great... I know weekend meets are not ideal as thats usually the times that hubbys are home and its family time.... but if there are any others in my shoes where DH works almost every saturday!! then let me know!!

    Thanks for the response guys
    Hope to hear from you again soon!!

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    Jodestar21 Guest

    Hey Kirstie,

    Well, im here in sunny Brisbane now and we're pretty much all settled in. We only just got our email on today so thought id send you a quick message. What a bugger you have to go back to work..or maybe by now you're really looking forward to it?

    I dont know about Bracken Ridge. Do you know if its an ok area? Our house is nice but we do a lot of walking and the first walk we went on to check out how far it was to the train station i saw graffiti everywhere. I wanted to turn around and go back to Sydney!! It really turned me off the area, but when i went to the shops the people seem nice so im not sure, maybe just some bored kids in the area...hmmm...wasnt a good start, although maybe just a bad first impression. Its hard with the Navy, you have to pick a house off the internet and just hope the areas ok!!!

    So, about Saturdays. I dont know if i could do it every Saturday as it'll be our only chance to do family stuff and get to know the area, visit friends and family etc, however, my husband loves diving and will probably go once a month so if thats on a Saturday maybe we could meet up once a month if that suits you? and anyone else of course!!!

    Ok, well hope everythings going great for you and hope to hear from you soon,


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    Jan 2005

    Jode I too live in Bracken ridge as do my sister 2 best freinds and parents. It will grow on you. Where in Sydney were you? Where abouts are you now. It is a lovely area generally. If you guys are looking for a good park the one at bald hills on the way to Strahpine Shopping center is great for kids.

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    Jodestar21 Guest

    Hi Shez,

    You were right, its not so bad after all and im meeting lots of people now, so its all good. Hey, do you ever go to the ABA meetings at the library? I went last fortnight and it was quite good. They are having a coffee morning at Redcliffe tomorrow. Good way to meet lots of locals and Mums.

    Kirstie - How are you going? How is it being back at work? Is it harder than you were expecting?


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    Dec 2006
    Caboolture QLD

    Hi Jodestar!!! WELCOME TO QUEENSLAND!!

    I hope the transition was good for you and Excellent that you are meeting new people... that helps so much!!

    Work......... well...................... its work.....
    I had built myself up for it to be really really hard... so I have handled it quiet well but in saying that have come to realise that there are many sacrifices to be made with working full time.... and all in all..... they are not worth it!
    If I was to keep going to way I am going my family would suffer.... and I don’t think that’s fair on any one of us!!.... Specially Jacob and myself.... DH and I are both missing out on alot... but after spending 6 months with Jacob and now he is at day-care more than with us... he is already become hard to handle as the day care mum spoils him... so when he is home with us he just will NOT let us leave him alone to play..... and in saying that.. before I went to work he would be happy as Larry to play on his own for about an hour, I could get stuff done and I would go back to him and play for 5 minutes and check him then finish off what I was doing for some serious play time but not any more..... flat out will only give me 5 minutes... if that...... I know babies change and get more demanding as they get older but for such a rapid swing is obvious to me a product of not being left alone at day care....
    Even harder is that I have asked my day care mum to curb a few things and she wont.... she is much older than me and treats me a bit like my mother in law does.... Just that she knows best and I am just a first time mum that has no idea..... My mum is in Adelaide... so I MISS her SOOOOOOOOO much it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it.....

    So there you are he he he ........... We have decided that I am going to start looking for a part time job near home... I am currently travelling 2 hours a day (1 hour there 1 hour home) to get to the city... and the car time as well.... SO i think by the time Jacobs 1st bday comes around I will have stopped working full time I am sooooo happy with that decision now... it will give me that something extra to work towards while I am full time.
    and 1st BDAY!!!! O M G... where has the time gone!!! he he....... SO precious this time with have when they are young..

    Well sorry for my ramble Jodes..... I really really needed that but!! THANKS!!

    Let me know if there is a meet on a Saturday sometimes... I would love to come.... get me back in the click before I am a part timer

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    Jodestar21 Guest

    Hi Kirstie,

    Wow..sounds like its hard work going back to work and leaving your bub with someone else...well hard work when you get them back!!! Thats something i didnt even think of, but yep, you're right. If people do things different to you then that will change them. Its a tough one isnt it. How is he now? Is he getting better with playing alone or still wants you there? Fraser is a bit like that but i can usually get anywhere between 15 and 30 mins...sometimes longer to get things done. Especially now that he's discovered TV..at least it keeps him occupied while i have a shower!! No more running out of the shower half way through to a screaming baby. Woo Hoo.

    Im not sure about the work thing either.When I first moved up here I felt really lost, leaving my family, friends and my work. I just couldnt imagine never going back to my old work..it was like another family. But now im pretty content. I love my beautiful boy so much, but it is hard work hey...harder than going to work ever was!!! Great too, but hard!! Its funny isnt it, how much your life changes after having a baby! Everything..even the people you want to hang out with change. You want to be around other Mums because you feel like they understand!

    Anyway, if you do decide to go part time, we have started up a Mums group for North Brisbane Mums that meets every Wednesday at 10.30. The last few meets have been at my place..which is easy for me..although it means i have to be on top of the house work...hehe!!! The bubs range from 6 weeks to just over a year so its great. Maybe you should have a sickie and come check it out sometime..lol!!!

    Hope everythings getting a bit easier for you, dont stress too much, just do what you feel is right. Take care


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    Dec 2006
    Caboolture QLD

    Hi Jode!
    Thanks for your reply and I am heaps sorry as I havent found it till now!!

    So as you can see by my signature............. things have kind of changed!!!!!!
    # 2 is on "her" () way!!
    So I am continuing full time for as long as I can as I will be entitled to Paid leave this time!! WOOO HOOO!! As I wasnt there long enough with Jacob to get paid leave....
    So going to see how long I can do that for and go from there.....

    Leaving bubby is so dam hard!!!!! and the worst part is you have to learn to be resiliant to it..... its kind of like my heart pains when I wave goodbye and drive off but by the time I get to the train station i have to kind of forget and go into work mode..... otherwise I think I would be a raving mess all day!! I have to go into the city for work so by the time I get there my work 'hat' is on I try not to take it off till the end of the day.... thats the hardest part..... I can see how these "career" mums do it.... but geez you would end up so empty towards your family if you tried to sustain it for a long period of time......
    BUT i dont have to worry about that now!!!!YAY.... at least I know now that there will be an end to it.... I will end up not working for about 2 years i reckon.... at least 1 complete year of no work and then maybe some part time ... just for my own sanity :P

    Is DH settling in ok to his job???

    Thats excellent you have the mums groups going!! I will have to save my sickies up just in case I actually get sick now!!! BUGGER!! :P
    But as soon as I am off work I would really love to come along and meet you!!

    Well was lovely to hear from you and I hope all is going well for you....

    Look forward to talking again


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    Jun 2007
    I live in Brisbane, Queensland

    Hey Jodestar. Congrats on your bub and the move to sunny QLD! We've just moved from Darwin, so I know how stressful moving can be whilst pregnant!!!
    My hubby and I are moving into our house at Bracken Ridge next month and am due to have our first bub late Sep so have just started putting my feelers out for Mums Groups in the area. Good on you for starting one! Hopefully I can pop along when the time comes.

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    Jodestar21 Guest


    Oh my Gosh..im so sorry i havent been on here 4 so long. Congratulations Kirst..thats fantastic news about baby #2. Hope its all going well and you're coping with work and pregnancy and bub #1 ok!! Its been so long i thought id better check out what was happening on here and then i see your great news..really awesome. So happy for you. We really are going to have to catch up sometime you know!!! After all you were the first Qld'er i spoke to on here!!!

    And Lucinda..hi..you must be ready to have your bubba anytime now too. Hope its all going great. Would love to meet you also when you're ready!!

    We've actually brought a house now at Sandgate. Its such a lovely area, i love it so much, and great for walks along the esplanade. Our mothers group is still growing strong and its a great group of girls (and bubs!!) so if either of you are interested at anytime (or anyone else!!) let me know and ill give you the details. Or if you'd like to catch up any other time just let me know. Fraser is just getting to the age where hes starting to enjoy other kids. Thats the good things about our mums group too, theres a few different ages, so they get to interact with different ages..though most arent walking yet except for one!!

    Hope everythings going great,

    and hope to hear from you again soon. take good care,

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    Oct 2007
    Brisbane, QLD

    Hey Kirst,
    You and I should chat next time we are having a cuppa about making this mothers group get-together come to live. Its hard at the present time of year.. but I am sure keen. I have really enjoyed getting to know you, and would love more excuses to get out the door to meet up.. hehe
    Ciao for now.

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    my2boyz Guest

    Hi girls,

    I am new to Bracken Ridge too, DH is in the army so we got this area. We have 2 boys who are almost 4 and 2.5 so hard when alot of the mothers groups have really little ones as its nice for the boys to have a few playmates. Really enjoying being here at the moment, though gettting a bit bored so would love to catch up. I am a SAHM and studying so am free ALOT.

    Anyway, take care

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    Emerson Guest

    HI Em, and everyone else too

    I am in Petrie and am a SAHM too with two kiddies a little girl who is almost 4 and a little boy who is 8.5 months. I find the same thing with mothers groups who usually have only little ones, that my girl doesnt really have anyone to play with. So if you like to chat and then perhaps in the new year meet up that would be great my email is [email protected]


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    Nov 2005
    by the lake .....

    Hi guys
    We are moving from s/side to North Lakes at the end if the month and am putting my feelers out for mums groups on that side of town. I met a really great bunch yesterday and am trying to see if there are any out there with older bubs. Jake is 14 months running climbing and generally into everything so it would be great to meet some mums with kids around his age.
    PM me if you are still meeting up, or if you plan to.
    Hope to meet you soon!