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Thread: Finally found great young mums group

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    Thumbs up Finally found great young mums group

    Water front christian church young mums group, its not a christian thing its just in there church.
    its for all ages up to bout mid 20's its great, they have activities to learn new things try new things go out for outings, theres girls my age theres girls who are also younger then me. some still pregnant some have new babies and the oldest babies are bout 18months old.
    great way to meet new people and its always fun to get out of the house...

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    Good on you Jess for being pro active. Mum's groups are great and you can bounci ideas off each other. Also great for the social chit chat!

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    muma Guest


    yeah im glad i finally found one, since there wasnt many young mums in geelong who werent already in one, to start a new one through my health center.
    well i go there 4th october, they are taking the holidays off as well or something. i need to be able to mix with people my age in the same situation, should be a good thing for me and lachlan

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    Good stuff Jess - that sounds great for you. Some of the church centres do some great parents groups - they aren't churchy, but they are a fabbo place to have kiddies things as they are good halls.

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    muma Guest


    Yeah i no im kinda excited that i am going, i mean i can meet new people lachlan will be able to make little friends, and it gets me out of the house, i hate being in the house and not being able to go out and do things, but aye thats all the love of having a baby hehe

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    Hey Jess!
    Thought I would introduce myself, Im Kristy also a young mum from Geelong. I havnt been here all that long and am in the same situation as you! Been looking around for a young mums group... would love to have a chat, if you have msn or wanna email me, my email address is [email][email protected][/email]
    Kristy xx

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