I have another thread in here under Gold Coast Mums Group. You can read that one to see how I got here!

Okay, new day, Friday 27th October, Parkwood Smileez every one is welcome!
Its a good chance to relax as the kids cant get away in there (and they can't eat dirt or rocks!) there's the cafe, and there will be at least two other mums for you to get to talk to and know.

I'll probably be there from about 9.30am, until I don't know when because last time Faithy didn't want to leave.

Don't worry if you can't make it Friday, I'm planning on making more dates in different places so as not to costs us every time.

And Smileez is located next to Babys Galore on Olsen Ave, Parkwood, down from the park wood Tavern, opposite the cemetry/southport sharks.

i hope this works out!!!