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Thread: Mothers Groups in Hervey Bay

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    aleesha Guest

    Default Mothers Groups in Hervey Bay

    I am new to the Bay and looking to meet some mothers, let me know if you are in the area or know of one that is here.

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    gemmad Guest

    Smile Mothers in Hervey Bay

    hi there

    Just wondering how you got on with finding mothers groups/playgroups in the hervey bay area. My sister is new to the area as well and doesnt have a computer yet, so i am doing this on behalf of her and her 2.5 children! I have recently returned from a holiday there and will be returning soon when my sister has her third child. i hope you are enjoying it and finding some other mums to chat with.

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    Chrysalis Guest


    Hi Aleesha,
    I have a friend who has just moved to Eli Waters in the last few months and has been finding it hard to find a mothers group as well. I just saw her over the weekend (we're from brissy) and I told her I would look on the internet as well for her. If you are interested I can pass on her details to you and you might be able to meet up, have a coffee and find/start a group together.
    Cheers, Kris

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    Chrysalis Guest


    Please let me know if your sister would be interested in meeting up with my friend as well.
    Cheers, Kris

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    gemmad Guest



    Im sure my sister would definitely be interested, she was acutally hospitalised over the easter break she is 32 weeks pregnant with her third child which she had intended to name Eli but since moving to Hervey Bay has decided thats not the best idea with Eli Waters as a suburb! She is on steroid treatments to try and stop the baby coming, regardless of when it comes though she would be definitely keen to meet up with some other mothers as she has moved around alot she's never had the chance to attend a 'mothers group. She has one daugther at school (6) and a 3 year old daughter at home. She lives in Scarness. Thanks for thinking of her.

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    Lisa01 Guest


    Hi there,

    I am also wondering if you have found any mums groups in HVB. I am due to move there as soon as we sell our house and would like to meet up with some mums. I am a first time mum and my DD is 6mths old. We have family in HVB and hope to be there soon.

    Hope to hear from anyone!

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    gemmad Guest

    Default Hi

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for replying, I am still doing this on behalf of my sister as she doesnt have a computer yet and is also due to go into labour anyday. She hasn't found any "mothers groups" as such but I know she has met some mums at her local library of a Tuesday morning, they have something on there at 9am and 10am I cant remember what its called but I know she has now begun going everyweek, I am also trying to get her to go to a playgroup as soon as baby no.3 is born. I know that she would love to hear from you as she doesnt really know many mothers, and if you have a 6mth old, she will have a newborn (anyday). Goodluck with selling your house and if you would like details for my sister, let me know.


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    Lisa01 Guest


    Thanks heaps for that Gemma. I have been trying to do research on activities my DD and I can do to help find some friends...all a bit sad really LOL. I notice they don't have gymbaroo or even mini miestros (spelling?). So I would love to meet up with your sister when I get there. I'll post back once we have sold the house and get her details then if that would be ok. I don't usually post things on this website, but saw the thread on Hervey Bay.

    Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery of her LO. Thank you again!


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    Jess.moore.88 Guest

    Talking To be Mother

    My name is Jess and i live in Burrum Heads. I am having a little girl in 8.5 weeks,her name is Olivia..I am looking for someone that has had a baby recently or is having a baby soon to chat to about baby stuff..go for coffees and hang out..I dont no too many people in the area besides family,and it would be nice to have someone to chat too. Let me no..

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    Melbourne, ready to meet peeps IRL


    Hey sorry not from HVB but welcome to BB have you looked up the belly buddy for your due date I am sure you will find heaps of girls to talk baby with even if not in your area...

    But while I have you HB girls I was thinking if you had a choice would you go sunshine coast or HVB... BHL want to move AGAIN... but we want some land so we are considering both theses areas... BHL is a miner so will be FIFO of brisbane once a week for work... It just doesnt seam to be many young familys in HVB so I havignbeen leaning towards sunny coast... But would love you opions...

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    torn_is Guest

    Red face Im lonely too

    Im a 23 year old mum with 3 kids, I live In hervey bay and would love to meet other mums, You can email me on [email protected]
    I have lived in Hervey bay for 4 years, but i have kept to myself. Dont know many people at all. My partner works heaps so i would love to find some mums that I can hang out with during the week or on weekends. I have started to take the kids to the park and or the beach, its great weather for it at the moment. I would love to find someone who is interested in meeting up and walking too, so need the exercise after the 3rd child.
    Dont be afraid to email me, who knows we could become best buds

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