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Thread: Mothers/Playgroup ~ Outer S/E Suburbs Melbourne ~ February 2007

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    Well you suggest something and I will be there send me some dates and I will do my best to find one that agrees with your dates.
    BTW how are you feeling? Getting a little tummy happening?

    OH Yeah, Tam is in labour btw.

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    Wow poor Tam, labour sucks!!!!

    Well how about we start throwing some dates around then. I am flexible.

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    Crissty Guest

    Default Hi

    Hi girls,
    This might be a little bold of me, and Im sorry if im stepping on any toes..but would you mind if a newbie joined your ranks??

    Im in Cranbourne, have 3 little boys who love outings and socialising with other kids. Brayden is almost 4, Kynan is 3 in July and Hudson is 2 in december. Hudson has some brain abnormalities and was meant to have some huge problems, but so far hes doing everything that he should be, and makes me prouder everyday, hes my hero that little guy! At the moment the only activities/outings we seem to get are for Huds integration groups, which isnt fair on the bigger two!

    They were going to occasional care as I have my own business and need the time, but I was spending more time running around dropping them off etc than i was working, and being that we are moving to WA in 4 months Ive had to pull them out this term so that we can save the $$ for moving etc.

    I only have a few friends, with kids of different ages, but they are all younger so sometimes its hard to find things they can all do together, weve hit everypark near here so many times its not funny hehe!
    I also have my own business which takes up a lot of time, but is very rewarding I struggle constantly with time, but hope that if you girls are up for a new face that we can juggle things here so we can attend meets etc.

    Id better dash because im waffling and the boys have gone quiet which only ever means trouble

    Take care girls and I hope to meet some of you soon!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Welcome aboard Crissty, what a shame you'll only be with us for 4 months. We have kids of varying ages in here so there should be some little mates of the same age that your boys can play with when we get together.

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    *sneaks in furtively*....hmmmmm...*fires off shotgun*...*hears ricochet on walls*.....nope nobody here!

    What's the story? Has everyone been abducted by aliens around here?

    So when's the next meetup guys...we have to have a special one to welcome our new member of the ark Tamara to the fold. Someone be brave and set a date... then we can start haggling and saying why we can't make it.....hehehehe

    *sneaks out again*

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    I am taking two weeks off work starting Monday and we are going away for a week from next Wed (25/4) so it would be good to meet up sometime in the next two weeks.

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