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Thread: Platgroup St Marys/Penrith area?

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    Default Platgroup St Marys/Penrith area?

    I've just moved to St Marys and am looking to find a playgroup close to me. I already go to one play group over where My sister lives at Hurstville but am lookign to attend another as having two babies, I am limited as to how often I can get out and where I can go..... I am going insane with a toddler in her terrible tantrum stage and a baby who's learning to walk (love this stage but not the bumps and crashes, esp the ones caused by her CLUMSY sister!). HELP!

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    Hey Kerrie, just saw your post in here.

    Um I don't know of any, but if you go to the playgroup association website, you can search for one in your area in there.

    Sorry, not much help!

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