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Thread: Playgroup/Bribie Island

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    jazzie'smum Guest

    Default Playgroup/Bribie Island

    Hi there, we are moving to Bribie Island in a couple of weeks and i wanted to know if anyone can suggest a playgroup. I have a 2 year old girl (Jasmine) and just thought it would be great for the both of us to meet some new friends.
    Cheers Trace

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    MJPhillips Guest


    We are also moving to Bribie (at the end of the year) I have a 2 year old girl (Cameryn) and 9 week old boy (Sebastian)

    I would also be interested to hear of any playgroups around, and schools for the future,



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    jazzie'smum Guest

    Default Hi

    Hi Mel, just to let you know we have now been in Bribie for a month and absolutely love it. There is a playgroup i am joinig after the school holidays which sounds nice and i take jaz to music lessons at library in Bongaree every thursday. I have enrolled jas to 4yo kinder as it is very busy for 2009.
    Would like to keep in touch if you are still moving here by end of year, it would be nice for you to know someone when you move here. I don't use this site very often, if you like you can email me on [email protected] and we can stay in touch that way. I too am almost 34 and we are trying for our second baby now.
    Hope to hear from you, i can tell you all about Bribie.
    Cheers for now
    Trace & Jas

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    KristieO+4 Guest


    Hi, I live just near Bribie, I want to go to a playgroup, not really sure which one, but I dont want to be the only new one there that doesnt know anyone. I have lived here for going on 7 months and I have 4 kids dd's 7 and 6 and 1yo twins. We havent got out much since we have been here but are starting to feel a little confined and need to see other people lol

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    jazzie'smum Guest


    Hi Kristie, there is a playgroup i have only started going to - instead of giving you all the info here, you can email me [email protected] and i will fill you in on all the details. I have only been twice, another lady is coming along this week. Girls are nice all very different but that makes for an interesting playgroup, it is more structured and it moves around each week, it is based at ningi church (a hall at the back) when we are not moving around. Hope this helps, trace

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    jaidensmum Guest


    Hi there...I moved to Bribie few months ago...was wondering if there were any mum's out there that would be interested in catching up weekly or fortnightly...or if there are playgroups around...I have a 13 month old boy and am 5 half months pregnant ...Cheers marisa

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    jazzie'smum Guest


    Hi Marisa, i can get you in contact with a playgroup, call me on 0414 991 118. I have a 2 1/2 year old girl we go to playgroup on mondays or just catch up with other mums during the week.....trace

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