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Thread: Playgroups in Northen Queensland

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    Default Playgroups in Northen Queensland

    Northern Queesnland Districts


    Mossman Community Playgroup – Showgrounds
    Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre Playgroup – St Andrews Anglican Church
    Seisia Island Playgroup - Seisia Island Community Hall
    Weipa Family Day Care Scheme Playgroup – Pebbles Playgroup Building
    Pebbles Playgroup – Pebbles Playgroup Building, Weipa
    Wonga Beach Playgroup – Wonga Beach State Pre-School

    Barron River
    Freshwater Rudolf Steiner Playgroup – Freshwater Masonic Lodge
    Freshwater Thursday Playgroup - Freshwater Masonic Lodge
    Holloways Beach Playgroup - Holloways Beach Community Hall
    Kids Connection Playgroup – Peace Lutheran College P&F Centre, Kamerunga
    Tropical Babes Playgroup – Kewarra Beach Community Hall, Kewarra
    Kewarra Beach Playgroup – Kewarra Beach Community Hall
    Puggles Playgroup – St Andrews Catholic School, Redlynch
    Beez Kneez Playgroup - Marlin Coast YMCA Recreation Centre, Smithfield
    Piglet Playgroup – Northern Beaches Uniting Church, Smithfield
    Yorkeys Knob Monday Playgroup - Yorkeys Knob Community Hall & Playground

    Small World Playgroup – Bella Vista Community Hall, Brinsmead
    Mini Mates Playgroup - Bella Vista Community Hall, Brinsmead
    Japanese Playgroup - Bella Vista Community Centre (Monday), Brinsmead
    Bella Vista Bambinos Playgroup - Bella Vista Community Centre (Monday), Brinsmead
    Little Munchkins Playgroup - Freshwater Masonic Hall
    Giggles ~ Cairns Playgroup - Little Children's Place, Manoora
    Beetlebugs Playgroup - Little Children's Place, Mooroobool
    Education Queensland ~ Family Daycare South Playgroup (special needs) - Cairns & Coastly Early Intervention, Parramatta Park
    Cairns Scallywags Playgroup - St Margarets Church, Westcourt
    Bayview Bumblebees Playgroup - Family Day Care Office (Southside), Woree

    Cheeky Babes Club Playgroup – Community Church, Bentley Park
    Spunky Monkeys Playgroup - Community Church Hall, Bentley Park
    Rainforest Rascals Playgroup - Edmonton Playgroup Hall
    Tiddle~e~winks Uniting Church Playgroup - Edmonton Uniting Church
    Gummi Bears Playgroup - Uniting Church Hall, Edmonton
    Uniting Caterpillars - Uniting Church Hall, Edmonton
    Edmonton Thursday AM Playgroup - Playgroup Hall
    Edmonton Wednesday Morning Playgroup - Playgroup Hall
    Little Squirts Club Friday Playgroup - Community Christian Hall, Mt Sheridan
    Little Squirts Wednesday Playgroup - South Cairns Community Church, Mt Sheridan
    Forest Garden Friday - Sales & Information Centre, Mt Sheridan
    Forest Garden Thursday - Sales & Information Centre, Mt Sheridan
    Forest Garden Tuesday - Sales & Information Centre, Mt Sheridan
    Forest Garden Wednesday - Sales & Information Centre, Mt Sheridan
    Trinity Baptist Church Playgroup - Trinity Baptist Church, White Rock

    Joeys ~ Atherton Playgroup - CWA Hall
    Herberton ‘B’ Playgroup - Herberton Children's Centre
    Julatten Playgroup - Geraghty Park Hall
    Kuranda Playgroup - Kuranda Community Kindergarten
    G G’s Playgroup - Abundant Life Centre, Mareeba
    Mt Garnet Playgroup - Holy Rosary Catholic Church Hall
    Bush Babes Playgroup - Mutchilba Community Centre
    Butcher’s Creek Playgroup - Butchers Creek Community Hall, Topaz
    Yungaburra Playgroup - Cairns & District Power & Ski Boat Club

    Cuddles Playgroup - Warina Lakes Recreation Area, Innisfail
    Kurrimine Beach Playgroup - Kurrimine Beach Progress Hall
    Mission Beach Cassowary Kidz - Mission Beach Surf Lifesaving Club
    St John’s Community Playgroup - St Johns School, Silkwood
    St Rita's Preschool Playgroup - St Rita's Preschool, South Johnstone
    Tully Combined Playgroup - Tully CWA Hall

    Alligator Creek Playgroup - Alligator Creek Bowls & Recreation Club
    Multicultural Garbutt Playgroup - Townsville West Community Centre, Garbutt
    Queensland Youth Services Scallywagz Playgroup - The Kelso Centre, Kelso
    Children at Central Playgroup - Central Uniting Church Fellowship Hall, Townsville
    Queensland Youth Services Munchkins - Queensland Youth Services, Townsville

    Bushland Beach Babes Playgroup - Norths Football Club
    Willows State School Playgroup - Willows State School, Kirwan

    Annadale Angels Playgroup - Annandale Community Centre
    Riverside Gardens Little Diggers Playgroup - Riverside Tavern Function Room, Douglas
    Little Fishes Townsville Playgroup - Anglican Church of the Ascension, Heatley
    Little Friends Playgroup - Willows on Wheels, Kirwan
    Twin Cities Noah’s Ark Playgroup - Twin Cities Pentecostal Church, Mundingburra
    Mundingburra Playgroup - Church of Christ Hall, Pimlico

    Jumping Joey’s Playgroup - Burdekin Uniting Church Hall, Ayr
    Little Cyclones Playgroup - Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre, Ayr
    Messy Munchkins Playgroup - Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre, Ayr
    Ravenswood Playgroup - Ambulance Hall
    Woodstock Playgroup - Woodstock State School

    Bowen Babies - Anglican Church Hall
    Collinsville Playgroup - Squash Social Club
    Proserpine Playgroup - Uniting Church Hall

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    Lyles73 Guest


    Hi Could you please provide me with details of when the following playgroups meet:
    Yungaburra Playgroup - Cairns & District Power & Ski Boat Club; Joeys ~ Atherton Playgroup - CWA Hall

    If you are unable to provide details about times, etc do you have a contact number I can ring to obtain details?

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    You will be able to view the details on the Playgroup Australia website. Just google Playgroup Australia and go from there.


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