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Thread: Playgroups with vacancies in Caloundra?

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    sara d Guest

    Default Playgroups with vacancies in Caloundra?

    Hi All

    We have moved to D!cky Beach from Brisbane and have had to leave our Playgroup behind.

    I would love my girls to keep attending Playgroup for their sanity and mine! Does anyone know of any playgroups that have vacancies?


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    Hi Sara
    I know of a good one just behind Quad Park on Nicklin way. I went to it last year but my son is in kindy on Friday this year. It's @ 9.30am Fridays. They're also starting a music-based playgroup on Mondays in the next month and are taking names for that (I've signed my son up for that one). email me and I can give you the organiser's contact details: [email protected]

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    sara d Guest


    Thanks For the information ladies.

    My girls are 7 months and 3.5 years. I hope to get my 3.5 year old into Kindy this year too but will need something for my already crawling bub!


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