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Thread: Sunnybank, Browns Plains, Mt Gravatt area?

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    Red face Sunnybank, Browns Plains, Mt Gravatt area?

    Hi all! I haven't had a chance to get on the computer for ages, can't believe Laelah is nearly 6 months old!! Anyway I still haven't found a mum's group near me and would love to meet some new people! My problem is that Laelah really hates being in the car so I can't travel too far...(I can't stand the screaming for long!) I live near Sunnybank Hills so if there are any mums who would be happy to meet around that area, or somewhere nearby please let me know... I am dying for some adult conversation and some laughs!

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    Shelley S Guest


    hi, my name is Shelley and I have a bub named Taleah who is 9 weeks old. I live at Kuraby and would love to catch up. If you would like to organise a time you can email me on [email protected]

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    hi there,

    just wondering if you girls still meet? i have a 5yr old and a 9month old. I'm in the browns plains area!

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    Hi Girls,

    My names Angela and I am 21 just had my little girl in April and would really like to meet some other mums. I live in Sunnybank hills and I dont know anyone in Brisbane so would really love to catch up dont have a car so cant travel to far but really close to Sunnybank Train Station.
    Please email me on [email protected]
    Thanks guys

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