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Thread: Townsville Mums #2

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    OMG i am so glad to read i am not the only one that has a tantrum throwing almost 2yr old that spacks it over anything and has made me start looking for work so i dont have to deal with it...i sound like a bad mum i know but i dont have any family here to help im going crazy

    Nicola my son is 27-11-2006 so ours are VERY close in age...what are some of the things he does??

    Also what do use all think of MEM's comment about child care being a form of child abuse...what else are working mums meant to very short not really rant over hehehe!!

    What do we all want to do this week.......

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    OMG.. who is MEM?? and Where on earth can I read the stupid comments on child care being child abuse???
    I can honestly say that if I didnt put the twins into child care it would then be child abuse! I need the break to get my sh*t together and refocus and get on with it. Child care have so many regulations now that I cant see how it could possibly be close to child abuse, i understand if some ppl dont agree with kids in child care but thats their opinion and each to their own but child abuse?? thats a debate waiting to happen. Im happy with the services the c/c has for my kids, the twins are happy, usually bathed for me ( so i dont have to do when i get home) and they eat more there..... Shauna if you want to put kids into child care find one and do a tour, it will determine if you like the place or not, its personal choice. Dont ever listen to one persosn opinion esp if its one like that.... like anything youll get a bad seed in a child care center be it kids or worker that you wont get along with but in the end its if your kids like it. I also know that the cc center near me had a lil boy who would not sleep, all he had was 2hr in a 24hr period, so mum put him in for a break, after 3wks child care have got him sleeping i think 5hours at night and in a better routine through the day.. so its not all bad. oh and now the mum has gone back to work coz she is getting enough sleep!
    I had a great sleep last night, the twins slept all night, hoo Fu*ckin RA! still be nice if we woke up with no colds.. and rori has poo so bad its burned her butt cheeks! so she's finding it hard to get comfortable atm. She took a tentative first step yest and fell straight on her face.. i felt bad because she was hanging onto the ends of my legs and i didnt think she'd let go and try and step! Brodie finally has 2 teeth coming through but is vomitting milk up everytime i give him a bottle and my older two have chesty coughs... its rough.. esp coz ben is away. So we;ve layed low this weekend.. got takeaway and veged on the lounge room floor.
    im not sure what im doing this week, im snowed under with study, aboriginal relations.
    in depth and everything.. hope everyone is having a great weekend,
    much luff

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    it was on weekend sunrise this morning Mem Fox or Foxx not sure which one, the author of magic possum etc...

    Oh Emma-Lee my eldest does go to daycare the one on burnda st...i have no problem with it i just thought it an odd thing to say..i mean need to work to provide for your thinking of returning for sanity more than anything and to stop fighting with my toddler and husband we are still weighing up the odds as to whether we will have any money at the end after paying for daycare as it would be pointless if my income just paid fo DC..

    Anyway all said and done, hugs to you all
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    ah okay, na never heard of her..
    pretty out there comment to make on tv.

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    Nicola Guest



    Shauna83 yes our kids are very close in age..A typical day with Zander is he can be fine playing and if you want him to do something and he doesnt want it he will drop to the floor wherever he his whacking his head and then have a spack on the ground..I just tell him to stop it and walk away...he then gets up (usually crying) and is cranky pants..if its bad I put him straight into his bed. He can do this at a drop of a hat...It has even crossed my mind that he may have ADD or something else...but I think and hope its just a phase. I have been told by a child health nurse that he is learning to "self regulate"which means he is learning to know what he can and cant do and how his behaviour should be. I think every child goes through it...some just worse than others....I think it may depend on their individual personality.

    I saw that MEM thing....I think it was aimed at newborns being in child care ..which I dont agree with...It is a very sensitive topic....Each to their own

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    Nicola Guest


    Also Zander goes to daycare once a week at North Ward to give me a break and so he can make friends, learn social skills etc. We tried two days a week but it wasnt working for us.

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    haha here i am going into a rant! can you tell im just ready to explode!!
    patience is getting tested sideways here! im ready to walk out today.
    I put twins into child care once a fortnight ( which is tomorrow if i think they are well enough) wed if they dont go in tomorrow.. i love it. I looked at going back to work full time to "get away" from kids and to stop fighting with ben coz i get mad at him because he works away.. but after child care fees it just wasnt viable, but it still crosses my mind that maybe financially it might not be worth it but for sanity reasons it might be..
    i was lucky my eldest 2 never really were to bad, michaela had shocking seperation anxiety though but thats about it, im hoping with the twins that they are okay aswell but who knows i agree with nicola i think sometimes its just personality.

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    rant rant away

    Well i have the interview monday on the phone and will discuss it more but yeah, i didn't think the kids being close would be easy but nor did i think it be as hard as it has been i think it seems so much worse cause my whole family is so far away, WA its a whole nother world LOL!!..

    okies well im over it..

    Does anyone want to do lollipops sometime this week......or do we prefer the less expensive options hehe...gated park etc...

    BYE !!

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    Well good luck with the job interview, wheres it for??
    i think we are all pretty much in the same boat for family, we're from sa.. only got my sis here who i never see!

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    Default We're finally here!!

    Hi Guys!
    Well we have made it to Townsville, we ended up getting a house in Mount Louisa. The removalist drops our things off tomorrow so the next week will be full of unpacking : (

    Is there any mothers groups doing anything in the next week or 2 that Nick and I can come to??

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    Welcome Ruby!
    I live in Mt Louisa too - in the Crestbrook part. We should catch up. Declan is only 6 mths so he is a bit younger, but a walking buddy wouldn't hurt. I love talking about weddings!!
    In the Mem Fox article she was saying that it is unfair for children to go into long day care when they are only 6 weeks only. And that some kids are in day care for over 60 hours a week.
    I have put Declan's name down at a few places cause I'm going back to work in Nov for 3 days - a bit of a break and the extra money will help us.
    I am dreading the tantrum phase, even now, he starts to throw a spack if we take something away, like an empty bottle or piece of paper!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend, the cowboys finally won!

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    Nicola Guest


    me and the boys will be staying at my parents house in brisbane for two weeks soon.....Im looking forward to it.....we dont know anyone in Townsville..only people I have met on here and our neighbours and adam's work mates. I love Townsville but it does get a bit stressfull!!!

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    Ah okay, see i didnt watch it this am,... i can see the point to that but sadly i think with all the rising costs of things its going to become more the norm because people need the double income to survive.
    i havent had to much drama yet with rori and brodie screaming when things are taken away, i think because they steal of each other all the time its normal! Brodie is climbing up everything now and getting frustrated because he cant get higher!! I reckon he'll be falling of things alot....
    days improved and i got some stuff done, my dd mj did my hair this arvo so i feel nice n relaxed, brodie is good to go to care tomorrow, he woke up pretty good so hopefully rori will wake up from her nap better so she can go to and then i can have a day to myself!
    Hi Ruby! and welcome! happy unpacking!!

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    hhehehehehe, store manager at castletown CottonOn kids

    I worked out how many hours my kids would have to be in daycare if i got fulltime and its about 50hrs a week

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    Deena82 Guest


    My name is Deena and I am looking at meeting other mothers in townsville. I have a 4 month daughter and would love to catch up for coffee

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    Good morning Ladies,
    Welcome Ruby!! Have fun unpacking this week... Last time we moved, there was more broken stuff than not! (That was my packing though... Ooops!)
    Welcome Deena! Hope to meet up soon when we all pull our 'pingers'(fingers) out and get a day organised.
    Nicola - re - fishing - my hubbie thought it was unfair I get two whole days of no kids so he has decided on his own daycare day - hence the fishing days.
    I don't work (see below) but I put the kids in daycare two days a week just to get things done around here. It's so nice to be mopping upstairs knowing the kids aren't downstairs causing chaos. It's also great to do shopping without having to child wrangle, and actually read the products (I am a coeliac so I need to do that!) And also, I like the break. Call me selfish, but I really think I am a better mum if I have one or two days to be ME, instead of MUM.
    (I do work from home, I do paintings for people, but that's a whenever I'm feeling the mojo sorta job...)
    Honestly, people like Mem Fox need to keep their opinions to themselves (instead of national television) unless they have experienced life. I really understand that some people NEED to go back to work so soon, we have so many friends going through heaps of stress with the interest rates etc etc. It's one of those really touchy subjects, and as Nicola said, Each to their own.

    Soooooo good to hear that I don't have the only tantruming child in town. I am going insane. My children are going through the biggest 'turd' stage so far. It really is testing my patience. I really was the lady in Harvey Norman yesterday EVERYONE was staring at because my kids were being so bad... I was so embarressed. Then the phone on the desk started ringing, and I told Jamie it was Santa calling to tell me that he could see Jamie, and he wasn't getting any presents. He held my hand SOOO QUICKLY and stopped yelling!! So all afternoon all I had to do was grab my mobile and threaten to call Santa. I am soooo bad... But it gave some of my sanity back!

    Better go and get these kids out the door so I can have a ME day!
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    LMAO.. that is sooo funny, i do that.. say im going to call santa, easter bunny, or nanna!! haha.. definetly not selfish for having afew days to yourself, my child free day is today and IM LOVING IT! im going to lay on the couch all morning, finish a module this afternoon and when its time to get them at 4.30 ill be relaxed and just itching to see them and how their day was. I can get pretty opinionated I know, but I always say that you need to be you before anyone else. So I agree with mags, I need this day to be me and unwind to be a better mum. Just how it works for me. Selfish, na. My kids are gaining social skills and thankfully no anxiety yet ( mj was really bad) so I think for me its a win win but i know its different for everyone. Plus this week while bens been away has been really hard with lack of sleep ( me not the kids) and being sick so child free days give me the "strength" and sanity to make it through to he gets home the following week!
    Welcome Deena, looking forward to meeting you, usually meet up thurs / fri depending, im out this week but im sure the other chiki babes on here will organise something.
    welp im not going to waste a second more im going to the couch....
    have a great day ladies.

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    Lea79 Guest


    Hi girls!

    Just thought I would drop in to let you all know (if you dont already) that there is a baby and kids market being held on 14th Sept in the basketball sporting complex in Annandale. Apparently it only comes to Townsville every few years so its pretty special. They sell preloved cheap baby and kids items and you also can find out how you can sell your second hand things there too, just google it and they have a website but I'm not sure what it is. My friend told me yesterday so me and Sel might go and check it out even though we are not UTD yet. I hope this helps you out! cheers, Leanne
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