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    Welcome to the Playgroup / Mothers Group Chat Forum

    Welcome to the Playgroup / Mothers Group Chat Forum

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    Jun 2009

    Smile plaggroups in warragul

    Hi I am moving to Warragul July/August and looking about for well-established playgroups to perhaps join and make new friends in the process.My partner and I are originally from Gippsland but havent been there for some 20years! Looking forward to greener pastures and lots of room for our 16month old boy to roam about freely.If anyone knows of any such organizations or is perhaps familiar with the area and surrounds would muchly appreciate feedback.cheers.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2009

    Smile Moving to Ross Creek near Ballarat

    Hi, I have an 8 month old daughter and we are moving from WA back to Vic in 2 weeks. We'll be living in Ross Creek near Ballarat and I'd really like to get into Play group and to meet other Mums and bubs around the same age, as we don't any friends in Ballarat. My daughter is currently going to separation dramas with me and having trouble getting her to stay asleep during day and at night, hoping by the time we move and settle she'll be out of it. Would be great to make new friends and their bubs

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    Jul 2009

    Interested in join a mothers group

    Hi, I am interested in joining a mothers group and meeting new friends. I live south side Brisbane (Redlands). I am new to motherhood and I have a 3 month old daughter. Would be nice to meet other mums. Please let me know if there is any mothers groups this side of Brisbane. Thank you.

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    Jun 2012

    playgroup help

    Can anyone help with information on:
    We r currently part of a community playgroup which has 3 session times. 1 of the sessions has just decided to split from the group to start there own group. What entitlements are they entitled to from the current group?? Eg, Money in account, toys, craft etc.
    If anyone knows I would love for you to respond.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2008

    i guess it depends a bit on the individual set up of your playgroup & tge exact circumstances. i.e are you hiring a venue, do you have a committee, are they staying at the same venue etc. have they broken all ties? if you pay fees then they may be entitled to a pro rata refund or a share of money they have contributed to the account or maybe you could negotiate a share of craft supplies etc. but if they're wanting to be a separate group then it would be good to sort everything out sooner rather than later. not sure where you're based but in vic they'd need to sort out their insurance as well.

    sorry - a bit vague but if there's nothing in writing, it's probably going to be a case of negotiating. maybe ring the playgroup association in your state - it must have happened lots of times before!

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