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Thread: Would you recommend any of these playgroups?

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    Default Would you recommend any of these playgroups?

    Hi Mummies

    I live in North Balwyn and am looking for a playgroup to take my 18month old to - one that I can stay with her

    have any of you had any experiences with the ones listed below or is there another one you would recommend?

    Balwyn Steiner Playgroup

    Deepdene Playgroup

    Bulleen and Templestowe Community playgroup

    The Story Blanket Balwyn playgroup

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    We have a playgroup at our church and go through Playgroup Victoria. Parents stay with their children. Google Playgroup Victoria and then look for the ones in your area.

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    Default Would you recommend any of these playgroups?

    Usually it's ok to go for a couple of sessions to see if its what you're looking for etc :-)

    We go to a Natural Parenting Melbourne Playgroup that we love.

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    Default Re: Would you recommend any of these playgroups?

    I would definitely do a trial at any you are interested in. it's a good way to see what activities they do, what the people are like, ages of the kids etc. the playgroup we go to offers any potential members 2 free sessions.

    you may alsop want to consider whether you want a playgroyp that has a facilitator/leader with planned activities or whether you'd prefer one that is patent/carer run. ours is parent/carer run and so while we have access to art and craft supplies etc we choose not to have a really structured session and it is mostly free play, determined by the children.

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