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    Nov 2007

    Baby Kangas

    Hi everyone.
    We have been using the bumgenius v2 for a while and want to buy some more nappies. I found that the baby kangas a bit cheaper. Has anybody used these and how have they gone? We would like to save some money where we can but it's not worth it if they are no good.

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    I have 3 BK and love them, if you can get the microfibre insert over the hemp I would recommend that as the hemp can bunch (although the hemp is trimmer) Some people find you can get wing droop with them but Ari is on the large setting now and I think we only had wing droop for about a week or two when she must have been inbetween sizes. Love the colours, love the zip, love the snaps :-)

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    Aug 2006

    We've got two but brought them when they were on sale and didn't get the inserts with them so haven't used them all that much (have ordered some inserts for them, should get them this week).

    I found that they were a lot bulkier than our peapods - don't have any bumG's yet, so can't compare them.

    What's wing drop? Have heard this about the Baby Kangas too...

    Love the colours too - we have the red with black snaps and the green with white snaps.

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