thread: BumGs, Liners and Leaking Wee Wee

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    Feb 2008
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    BumGs, Liners and Leaking Wee Wee

    Last night I kept getting showered in pee (not poo) leaking from my BumGs.

    I was using an Eenies flushable liner each time, but it stopped the pee from soaking into the booster, instead it leaked out and ended up all over me and my bed, twice!

    Has anyone else experienced this and are there any liners that work? Is it even necessary to line BumGs? I like the idea of the liner catching the bulk of the newborn runny poo so only a stain ends up on the actual nappy.

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    Apr 2008
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    yep, same thing happened to me. I've decided I really dont like the eenees liners. I've found the Bummis biosoft ones are better, or just a piece of microfleece.

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    Sep 2007

    I have the same problem with using microfleece in BumGs - because there are two layers of staydry fabric for the wee to go through, if he had a big wee it wouldn't absorb quickly enough and would run straight out the sides or back.

    But I don't have the problem with flushable liners (I can't remember if mine are Eenees, but they are the papery kind).

    And no, it's not really necessary to line BumGs, but then, I have a little squirt. I found liners pretty useless at any form of poo catching, so only bother if I need to use a barrier cream.

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    Dec 2007
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    Yeah I hardly ever use liners

    But I wouldn't be without my little squirt for DD's messes... omg some of them are GROSS...

    But when we do use liners we just use microfleece

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    Jul 2006

    Ive never had probs with Eeenes liners on any nappy....